Jania Meschel talks to critics after recent surgery (video)

My body, my choice! When it comes to influencers and celebrities undergoing surgery, people share their views. Certain public figures have chosen to respond or be quiet when critics say something that could affect them. When it comes to applauding and dealing with hatred, Jania Meschel One of them. Earlier today, rapper NBA YoungBoy’s son influencer and her mother decided to tackle negative comments on social media after showing off her body after surgery.

Some people called Jania for liposuction online and accused her of having BBL. Jania first worked on her comments on Twitter. She tweeted, “She is a natural body like Y’all Shame skinny girl, sick girl, fat girl, surgical body, STFU. She cares about her body.” She continued, “I never got the tea bbl.” Jania isn’t over yet. She started livestreaming on Instagram, further pulling her breasts apart.

Influencers said people wanted to have surgery, but they didn’t have the money. “I look good like f ** k, and when I step into the room, it feels good on my skin. I wasn’t sick before, but I was a little worried,” Jania explained. .. She explained that three weeks after the operation, her sides were severely swollen, showing off her new body.

As the conversation progressed, she responded to viewer comments about her navel. In addition, one viewer advised her to watch her new show, “My Killer Body,” by K. Michelle. The show sheds light on women dealing with unsuccessful surgery. Jania said: I don’t go to OD. I will do it to the point that suits me. What do you think about the reaction of her roommate, Jania?

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Jania Meschel talks to critics after recent surgery (video)

Source link Jania Meschel talks to critics after recent surgery (video)

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