Janice Adetokumpo Nominates as Starter for 2021 NBA All-Star Game

Voters said: They wanted current champion Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James to be the all-star captain again.

So he is. And Kevin Durant of Brooklyn will be his opponent.

James and Durant were revealed Thursday as key fan voters at the All-Star Games Western and Eastern Conferences. In other words, you will be the captain of the match that will take place in Atlanta on March 7. James makes his 17th appearance and sets a new record. , And Durant is the 11th All-Star.

Only Kareem Abdul Jabber (19) and Kobe Bryant (18) have more all-star selections than James.

Other Starters: Nikola Jokić of Denver and Kawhi Leonard of the Los Angeles Clippers join James as picks on the West front court, and Stephen Curry of Golden State and Luka Doncic of Dallas are starting guards from the West. Milwalky’s Jeannis Antetokunpo and Philadelphia’s Joel Embiid are alongside Durant’s East Front Court starters, while Washington’s Bradley Beer and Brooklyn’s Kyrie Irving are East starting guards.

Doncic and Damian Lillard in Portland were connected by the NBA’s weighting system at the second Westguard Spot. Doncic nodded as the fans voted more. Fan votes were counted as 50% of the starter selection process. Player votes were counted as 25% of the total, with media panel votes accounting for the remaining 25%.

The reserve will be announced on Tuesday and will be determined by a vote by the NBA head coach. James — this year has more than 5.9 million votes from fans and is the top overall voter — and Durant chooses a team and the roster of Team LeBron and Team Kevin will be announced on March 4.

James has been 3-0 since the NBA moved to the player captain format, beating Curry’s team and Antetokunpo’s team in each of the last two seasons in 2018. Utah Jazz Quin Snyder coaches the James team in Atlanta. The Philadelphia 76ers Dock Rivers is currently the front runner coaching the Durrants team, deciding where to place on Sunday’s post-match rankings.

The starter said it would generate more than $ 2.5 million for the Historically Black Colleges and COVID-19 relief efforts, revealed the same day the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association released details of the game.

The game has been criticized by some of the league’s top players, including James, who expressed concern about having it during a pandemic. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms was also concerned because he revealed that fans shouldn’t come to the city for an all-star festival because there are no public events surrounding the game.

However, the element of charity is a major factor driving the league, and Adam Silver said the game provides a platform to shed light on the need for ongoing resources in the fight between HBCU and COVID-19. I did.

“Atlanta’s NBA All-Star continues our annual tradition of celebrating the game and the world’s greatest players in front of spectators around the world,” Silver said.

This game revives the format used last year. It’s a goal score to finish the game and pays homage to Bryant again. Each of the first three quarters starts with a score of 0-0 and is then recounted into the fourth quarter with no time limit. The top three-quarters total score adds 24 points (in favor of Bryant’s jersey number), and the first team to hit that target wins the game.

The last shot win format debuted last season when Anthony Davis made an end-of-game free throw to cap Team LeBron’s 157-155 win.

The game has partnered with organizations such as the Thurgood Marshall College Foundation and the United Negro College Foundation to “emphasize the importance of HBCU and raise awareness of the various impacts of COVID-19 on the color community.” The league said. HBCU music groups are also invited to perform virtually.

“HBCU provided premium education to our community when access to higher education was denied,” said Michel Roberts, NBPA Secretary-General. “They were there for us — and stayed there — we are now standing with them.”

The league has informed the team this week that it will arrange a private trip to Atlanta for all participants who continue to be tested for coronavirus. Athletes are tested daily throughout the season. You can’t leave the hotel except for the All-Star event, a mini-bubble concept recently agreed by the NBA and NBPA. Also, although the number of invited guests will be reduced at the stand, tickets will not be available.

James, Antetokunpo, and others weren’t too keen on playing the game about pandemic-related concerns and how they were pushed into the already compressed season.

“We know it’s happening and we know we need to be there and are expected to be there,” Curry said. “That’s kind of thing.”

Players and their guests must arrive in Atlanta by 7:00 pm on March 6th and depart after the match the next day. A 3-point shootout, skill contest, and dunk contest are also planned for March 7.

Janice Adetokumpo Nominates as Starter for 2021 NBA All-Star Game

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