January 6 Commission Live Stream Hearing: Panel hears from Cassidy Hutchinson that Trump knew of the possibility of violence

Washington-Casidi Hutchinson shocked Trump’s wrath on January 6 after being told he couldn’t go to the Capitol to meet his supporters after his “Saving America” ​​rally in the Ellipse. Reminded me-Trump physically attacked his security details How to get back to the White House.

Hutchinson recalled a conversation at the White House shortly after the rally with Bobby Engel and Tony Ornart, who “sit in a chair and looked a little confused” as part of Trump’s security details.

“The president got into the car with Bobby, so they thought they would leave the Capitol, but that wasn’t the case when Bobby relayed to him. Return to the West Wing.” Responded very strongly and very angry to it. “

“Tony described him as angry. The president said something to the effect:” Take me to the Capitol, and now take me to the Capitol. ” West wing. ‘The president reaches in front of the vehicle to grab the steering wheel, and Mr. Engel grabs his arm and says, “Sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel. Return to the West Wing. Don’t go to the Capitol. . “” “

“Mr. Trump used his freehand to rush towards Bobby Engel, and when Mr. Ornad spoke to me, he moved towards the collarbone,” she said.

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Cassidy Hutchinson, chief aide to Donald Trump’s White House, told the House Commission investigating the violent riots of January 6, 2021, that Trump had weapons for the people gathering in the mall that morning. I was informed that I was, but the authorities marched to the Parliament with “people.”

Hutchinson said Trump had profanely instructed his staff to take away the magnetometer he thought would slow down the supporters gathered in Washington. In a videotape testimony in front of the commission, she remembered the former president saying, “I don’t care about them having weapons.”

“They aren’t here to hurt me. Get rid of the f-in’mags. Put in my people. They can march to the Capitol from here,” Hutchinson said. I testified.

Hutchison, chief of staff of Trump’s Chief of Staff, said after a conversation with Trump’s lawyers Rudy Giuliani, Meadows and others, “I’m scared and nervous about what will happen” before the riot. rice field.

Meadows told Hutchinson, “Things can really get worse.” Giuliani told her “a wonderful day” and “going to the Capitol”. She described Meadows indifferent as security officials told him that the people at the Trump rally had weapons, including those who wore armor and had automatic weapons.

Hutchinson told the panel that he was worried in advance because he had heard about the plans for the rally and the possibility of moving to the Capitol. victory.

“I had deeper concerns about what was happening in terms of planning it,” Hutchinson told the panel.

A 25-year-old woman, a special aide and former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, has already provided a large amount of information to Congressional investigators and has been interviewed four times in a closed room. However, the Commission called a hearing this week to hear her public testimony.

Day 5 Summary: January 6 Commission Hearing Jumps into Trump’s Pressure on the Justice Ministry Over 2020 Election Results

Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson recently received the panel about what Trump and his aides are saying at a critical time on January 6, and Americans will hear that information soon. Said it was important.

Liz Cheney, Wyoming’s vice-chairman, said the hearing was about Trump’s actions at the time, the senior adviser’s “actions and statements,” and the outlook for violence in the days prior to the violent attack. He said he would shed light on what he knew. She told the panel in a previous interview that Meadows was warned of possible anxiety.

Her appearance was hidden in an extraordinary secret. The Commission announced a surprise hearing just 24 hours in advance, and Hutchison’s appearance was confirmed only by those familiar with the Associated Press.

It’s unclear what new evidence she will provide on Tuesday, but Hutchinson’s testimony called for a direct story of Trump’s pressure campaign and the response of the former president after the onset of violence. So far it may convey more vividly than any other witness.

Hutchinson told the Commission that he was in the White House meeting room, where the challenge to the election was discussed and discussed with several Republicans in a brief excerpt of the testimony revealed in court filings. .. In one example, Hutchinson said he saw Meadows incinerate documents after a meeting in his office with Congressman Scott Perry, Pennsylvania, reported by Politico in May.

She also revealed that the White House advisory office has warned against plans to involve fake voters in Swingstate, including a meeting involving Meadows and Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Cassidy advised the president’s lawyer that the plan was not “legally sound.”

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Hutchinson also testified that his boss suddenly traveled to Georgia weeks after the election to oversee the audit of absentee ballot signatures and ask questions about the process during three separate testimony records. did.

She also had “frequent attendance” at the White House by Jeffrey Clark, the chief executive officer of the Justice Department, who defended Trump’s fraudulent election allegations and was thinking of appointing the president as Attorney General. Was described in detail.

Plans to dismiss then-secretary of justice Jeffrey Rosen were unveiled during a meeting in the Oval Office on January 3, 2021, and other high-ranking judiciary officials carried out Trump’s plans to replace Rosen. He warned that he would resign. With Clark.

ABC News Exclusive: The photo shows Vice President Mike Pence of the family hiding on January 6th.

The House committee does not explain why the 1:00 pm hearing was suddenly scheduled as the lawmakers were away from Washington for a two-week adjournment. The committee said last week that there would be no hearing until July.

The exact subject of the hearing on Tuesday remains unclear, but the panel’s announcement on Monday said, “We will present the evidence obtained recently and receive the witness’s testimony.” A spokesman for the panel refused to give details, and Hutchinson’s lawyer did not immediately respond to the email asking for comment.

Those familiar with the Commission’s plans to call Hutchinson could not discuss the issue publicly and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.

An investigation of the nine-member committee continued during a hearing that began three weeks ago with an attack by Trump supporters. In evidence, the Commission recently obtained footage of Trump and his inner circle, both taken around January 6th, from British filmmaker Alex Holder.

Holder last week to submit all the footage shot during the last week of Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign, including an exclusive interview with Trump, his children, and then Vice President Mike Pence. He said he had complied with the summons.

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Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson, Democratic Chairman of the Panel, told reporters last week that the commission owns the footage and needs more time to go through the video time.

The panel has held five hearings so far, most of which have demonstrated Trump’s pressure campaign against various power agencies in the weeks leading up to the joint session of Congress on January 6. Democratic Joe Biden has suspended proof of victory in the presidential election.

The Commission used hearings to detail the pressure from Trump and his allies on Pence, the states that had proved Biden’s victory, and the Justice Department. The panel elaborated on what they learned using live interviews, video testimonies from private witness interviews, and footage of the attacks.

Parliamentarians said last week that the two hearings in July would focus on the domestic militants who broke the Capitol that day and what Trump was doing when the violence unfolded.

Punch Bowl News first reported that Hutchinson would testify.

John Dean, a former White House adviser to President Richard Nixon, also raised expectations for Tuesday’s hearing. He tweeted. “The January 6 Commission is working on a very high historical standard tomorrow to produce amazing hearings and witnesses.” Nixon testified that he was directly involved in the watergate concealment work. Dean, the first administrator, pointed out a surprising testimony from Alex Butterfield, who testified to Nixon’s secret taping system as “an everlasting history.”

“If it’s not really important information, it will undermine the credibility of this committee! If you can’t match, cancel now!” Dean continued.

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January 6 Commission Live Stream Hearing: Panel hears from Cassidy Hutchinson that Trump knew of the possibility of violence

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