Jasmine Guy creates a biography about the late Afeni Shakur

it’s about time! When it comes to the late revolutionary Afeni Shakur, get ready as it comes in an important way! The mother of rap legend Tupac Shakur and a prominent member of the Black Panther Party is finally about to be shared in the movie!according to variety,I have biography It’s working!

The movie “Peace, Love, Respect”. Actress, director and writer Jasmine Guy participates in Afeni Shakur / Panther 21 Story as Executive Producer. Jasmine does not work alone to bring Afeni’s story to life. She works with Apheni and writer / director Jamal Joseph, who was arrested as one of “Panther 21”. The film also has support from Amaru Entertainment and Shakur Estate. This is very important.

Dina LaPolt, who has worked in this estate for many years, is also listed as a producer. Dina worked vigorously with Apheni to resolve Tupac’s fortune and was essential to helping late rappers release nine posthumous albums, books and documentaries. Apheni was the hero of the activist’s mother, so Dina says her story is close to her heart. She said, “My mother was a big part of the civil rights movement. She told me about Apheni and how she was arrested as a member of” Panther 21 “. “

“Peace, Love & Respect, Afeni Shakur / Panther 21 story” will continue to entertain viewers as it spans a crucial two years. Beginning April 2, 1969, BioPick will focus on 20-year-old Apheni. She and other Black Panther members were arrested and charged in a plot to bomb the New York police station until June 16, 1971. It is the day of the birth of Tupac. During her trial, Apheni represented herself and was acquitted on all charges.

Besides being arrested by the Panthers, the biography flashes back to Apheni’s childhood and teens. The report does not state which actress plays the role of activist, and the release date of the biography is not available. Are all your roommates excited?

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Jasmine Guy creates a biography about the late Afeni Shakur

Source link Jasmine Guy creates a biography about the late Afeni Shakur

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