Jealousy of 60 3P sparks on a carnival cruise

Large-scale battle More than 60 people involved This week, a cruise ship broke out over allegations of infidelity — and it was all captured by the camera.

Fox news It reports that a brawl has occurred among passengers aboard a carnival cruise ship off New York City. The outlet spoke to a witness who was also a passenger on the ship and confirmed that he had heard that the battle had been triggered on suspicion of cheating while traveling.

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Cruise ship brawl lasts for an hour

Cruise travel agency Teresa James told reporters that the fighting began shortly before 2am on the 5th floor of the ship, where the dance club and casino are located. She claimed that James heard a dispute about the alleged trio among the passengers she upset their important others when she learned of the rendezvous.

A Twitter user named Nyeem0 shared his video from a turbulent cruise battle. He added,

“I was in a bar listening to my music while sipping Shirley Temple, and the brawl happened out of nowhere! They quarreled in a hurry, injured and cut off the glass.”

During an hour of conflict, witnesses said the beer bottle could have been destroyed and the woman cut off in a chaotic quarrel involving dozens of people. From the online shared footage that started on the 5th floor of the ship and ended on the 1st floor, you can see security trying to dismantle the battle.

Cruise line officials reportedly notified the Coast Guard during the brawl. The Coast Guard has launched a boat from Staten Island to escort it to dock in Manhattan, WNBC-TV..

“Thankfully, no serious injuries have been reported and the in-flight security team has intervened,” Carnival Magic said in a statement. “The ship arrived on time this morning and authorities interviewed suspects and witnesses and were notified and met with the ship to conduct an investigation.”

The NYPD is reportedly still investigating the situation.

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Jealousy of 60 3P sparks on a carnival cruise

Source link Jealousy of 60 3P sparks on a carnival cruise

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