Jeannie Mai reveals the name of her and Gigi’s bunch of joy

Earlier this month, Jeannie Mai and Gigi welcomed their first child together. Now we haven’t yet seen a bunch of their little joy, but Genie has revealed the name they decided to give to their baby.

In a new YouTube video recorded before childbirth, Genie introduced viewers to Baby Jenkins’ nursery. She showed off her baby’s lovely room and shared the name she decided to give her child. In the video, Genie focused on photos taken in Monaco, France. “It’s special because it was the first place I visited when Jay and I dated, and the first place to establish what was happening with us,” she said.

She went on to say, “This photo was taken in Monaco, France, so this nursery center is about Monaco, the name of Baby J.”

“That’s exactly the theme of the nursery and the purpose of Monaco. Family moments, travel, discussions, the main points of my life, and the life of Jeezy who brought Monaco here,” she added.

Currently, Jeannie and Jeezy have not yet revealed the sex of the baby. Nevertheless, fans share how much they love the name the couple chose for their child.

Jeannie’s co-host at The Real also talked about Baby Monaco, who shares her name with the viewer.

As Before Last September, Jeannie and Jeezy announced they were hoping for a bunch of joy. In an interview with women’s health, Genie talked about why she didn’t want children before. However, falling in love with Jeezy changed her view of things.

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Jeannie Mai reveals the name of her and Gigi’s bunch of joy

Source link Jeannie Mai reveals the name of her and Gigi’s bunch of joy

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