Jennifer Lopez fights romance ageism in “Marie Mee”

Jennifer Lopez At the age of 52, she’s not shy about it.she is Netflix documentary About the year she turned 50.It was her year Oscar candidate “Hustler” Came out, she received CFDA Fashion Icon Award, And she went on a tour of “It’s My Party”. Since then she has been pretty busy Super Bowl Halftime Show When Shakira, Appeared at President Joe Biden’s inauguration, And make multiple movies. All this is what the industry says a woman of her age can’t. But Lopez has always made it work for her to go against the rules, and she doesn’t stop now.

In her latest movie, “please marry me,” She is doing it again. This time around, we focus on age and how age discrimination seeks to limit women and their sexuality. In the movie, she plays her alter ego, Cat Baldy’s. Cat Baldy’s is a “35-year-old North” pop superstar who manages to look gorgeous and comfortable on her skin. What she is wearing.. And she goes to yoga pants and sports bras from the best Lady Gaga-style rise.When the movie opens, Cat is engaged Maluma Bastian, and her continued pull to him, serve as the main obstacle to her finding happiness. Owen WilsonCharlie.

Maluma is 28 years old and is over 20 years younger than Lopez. But no one says anything about it. In the movie, they never mention it.When In the reviewI have seen some mourning “please marry me“It may have been a more thoughtful quest for love in middle age, but I don’t notice or question the age difference between the two fiancés. In the eyes of the world.Sex and the City“This year it restarted at “And like that” Much of the conversation was about how the stars were aging, as if they shouldn’t even appear on television after the age of 40.and New addition The cast felt the need to remind us that women in their 50s still find sex, dating, and love. It shouldn’t be too unusual to see it on the screen, but it is.

Lopez remembers Her career was said to have ended at the age of 40, but she refused to leave and became even more relevant instead.now She sings a duet in “Tonight’s Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. Reunion With Ben Affleck, And still dominating the world. Well, I’m not going to pretend that Lopez is a normal 52 years old. She is unusual. While her awards at her awards show avoid her (like Kat in “Marry Me”), she’s an incredibly talented triple threat.

And she is also incredibly beautiful.It ’s a story about a woman who looks like a red carpet. Inspired the invention of Google Image Search..People are still creating Think of a fragment about her ass..The internet seems to believe She doesn’t get old at all.. Maybe if she’s more like what’s expected of her age, how many around her she’s dating a much younger person, even if it’s just fictitious There will be an explanation of that. However, when gender is reversed, no one speaks much. In the iconic romantic comedy “Pretty Woman” Julia Roberts and Richard Gere 18 years away, only one of a few Power differential (Including his wealth and status). And in the 90’s, the two were paired multiple times, and we could see how everyone perceives the age difference as usual.Hell, when Leonardo DiCaprio Playing a man married to an age-appropriate woman, many grown-up sons, and no one could stop being fed up with it.It was The most interesting thing about “Don’t Look Up”.

and”Grey’s Anatomy“At the premiere, there were multiple plots of young residents dating, marrying, and interacting with older attendees. In the first few seasons, young people were mostly women. Kate WalshAddison Montgomery was unable to become a knight member about dating a weak man when the opportunity arose. Of course, 18 years later, I see some plot lines with reversed gender, but no one mentions them much.

So we’ve come a long way, even if we haven’t reached it completely yet. In “Marie Me,” Lopez becomes a man closer to her age than Maruma. Wilson has only seven months with her, but the relative closeness of their ages does not connect them. In fact, they don’t even talk about it. Instead, their bond is about what they learn from each other and how they are willing to fight for others. And Lopez is still fighting for love, for recognition, and for joy. It’s inspiration.

Jennifer Lopez fights romance ageism in “Marie Mee”

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