Jennifer Lopez, Marma marry me at Jimmy Fallon

Following the release of “Marry Me” soundtrack, Jennifer Lopez When Maluma Stopped at Studio 6B and played the movie title song at “The Tonight Show Starring” Jimmy FallonAs always, Lopez was stunned by a two-piece white ensemble showing off her toned abdomen, but Maruma looked handsome in a pastel green suit. For Friday night’s performance, they chose the ballad version of the title track as a clip from the upcoming rom-com to play in the background. Check the above performance.

“please marry me” Originally scheduled to premiere last spring, it was postponed to February 11, 2022 in time for Valentine’s Day. When it comes to plots, it’s exactly what the rom-com dream is made of. The movie follows pop superstar Catalina “Cat” Baldy’s (Lopez). She discovered that she was cheating on her moment before her fiancĂ© Bastian (Malma) made an oath with him in front of millions of people. With an unexpected twist, she decides to pick a random stranger from the crowd ()Owen Wilson) And instead marry him. Can an unlikely couple find true love together?You know when you know the movie Debuted in the theater and hit streaming with Peacock Next weekend!

Jennifer Lopez, Marma marry me at Jimmy Fallon

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