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Los Angeles may still be the center of the entertainment industry. But Jesse Metcalfe, even a high-demand Hollywood actor, moved from the Angels City (where he lived for the past 23 years) to Magic City when he realized the move to pandemic-fueled remote work. I decided.

“Pandemic and blockade have changed the entertainment industry,” says Metcalfe. “With Zoom, Skype, and other communication methods, you don’t have to live in Los Angeles.” Metcalf moved to his new two-bedroom penthouse on Brickell Avenue in January, in return for cross-country trekking. Say it’s worth it. “I love Miami,” he confesses.

Metcalf took off in January to refurbish the bargain and settle in the city, enjoying new views of the bay and skyline. But (fortunately for him) he has a wealth of upcoming acting roles on his plate to shift his career, which began with soap opera and scandalous liaisons, to serious character-based work. increase.

Jesse Metcalfe. Photo by Tolga Kavut

Find passion

Like many successful people in the entertainment world, Metcalf began his career in acting and film study at New York University’s Tissue Arts Department. In 1999, he took on the role of Miguel Lopesfitzgerald in the NBC daytime drama. passion— A gig that Metcalf says at work “learns how to act” and “growth”.

This time, in the form of a secret relationship in the ABC hit series, I needed to put more passion into it. Desperate Housewives.. Sparks flew over the screen between Metcalf’s teenage gardener (John Rowland) and Eva Longoria’s lonely trophy wife (Gabrielle Solis). In addition to their instant chemistry, the good looks of Metcalf and the healthy dose of acting chops made him a popular name almost overnight. Even critics paid attention. Metcalf won the 2005 Young Hollywood Awards for Exciting Newcomers and was nominated for two Teen Choice Awards.

The exposure changed the Metcalf from a small screen to a large screen. In 2006, he was cast in his first major movie role as the title character of a cult classic teen comedy. John Tucker must die, Ashanti, Sophia Bush, Brittany Snow, Jenny McCarthy. Three years later, he co-starred with Michael Douglas and Amber Tamblyn in a remake of the 1956 classic film. Beyond reasonable doubtAnd the other side of Erika Christensen in the 2010s Tortured..

when Desperate Housewives After finishing that run, Metcalf returned to television and participated in the cast of a remake of the 1980s hit prime-time drama series TNT. Dallas..

Miami Beach actor Jesse Metcalfe. Photo by Tolga Kavut
Miami Beach actor Jesse Metcalfe.

Evolution on the screen

But lately, Metcalf has focused more on beef than on the topic. He admits he’s looking for a role to dig deep into the character. He recently got the chance in a movie starring Dennis Quaid and Heather Graham. About wings and prayer (Release date scheduled for August) is a faith-friendly feature film based on a true story about a pair of airline pilots.

Mixing drama and action, he also Fortress This year’s trilogy with Chad Michael Murray and Bruce Willis (Metcalf plays the son of a veteran actor who announced his retirement from acting in March).This will be Metcalf’s third movie with Willis, who partnered with him in last year’s action thriller. Hard kill..

Television is still an important part of Metcalf’s repertoire. A classic Hallmark Channel star, he has appeared in holiday-themed romance movies. Christmas Under the starsPerformed 5 seasons in a very popular drama on the network Chesapeake ShoresAnd led a television movie series The mystery of Martha’s vineyard, Metcalf plays a retired detective trying to move forward from his troubled past. “I love Hallmark,” he says. “They were great for me.”

Regardless of genre or location, Metcalf’s longing these days is working with like-minded people, he’s happy with his storytelling, and his script takes on his creative ideas. I want to respect it. “One of the most important elements of my career right now is working with people who want to balance art and commerce,” he says.

next? Deepen your involvement in the larger television and film industry. “I want to make a movie,” says Metcalf.He recently got that chance both in starring and executive producer Night shipHallmark’s latest work The mystery of Martha’s vineyard..

“I want to get the feeling that I’m involved in everything from start to finish. Actors can be frustrated because they can’t see to the end,” he says. “You need to be okay with storytelling. I want to draw a realistic arc. And I like to bring emotions to my lines. As an actor, creator and producer, I want to move people.”

Jesse Metcalfe 1. Photo: Tolga Kavut

Try new talent

Music may be just one way of doing that, as Metcalfe is passionate about singing, composing songs, and playing the guitar. He has worked on mixing and matching music and acting, but says he has a new interest in raising the volume with his particular skill combination. “I like movie music and I love playing music as a hobby,” he says. “I want to incorporate more music into the role of acting.”

In his 2015 hithole mark romance drama Country wedding Along with Autumn Reeser, Metcalf demonstrated his singing and guitar-playing talent in the role of superstar country singer who returned to his hometown of Texas. And on the newly rebranded GAC Family Channel (formerly known as Great American Country), Metcalf is on the recent Valentine’s Day at an outlet that is rippling among fans of the popular family-friendly romantic comedy show Hallmark. Appeared in the movie. He is an opportunity to both play and show off his musical skills. Heartfelt harmonyMetcalf, who co-stars with Jessica Lowndes, plays a cardiac surgeon in a musical source. Lornes wrote both the script and the two songs for the movie, and the storyline provided her and Metcalf with the opportunity to sing together on the screen.

Metcalf's Vintage Porsche was a must-see when moving from Los Angeles to Miami. Photo by Tolga Kavut
Metcalf’s Vintage Porsche was a must-see when moving from Los Angeles to Miami.

Miami nice

Metcalfe has plenty of time to pursue a passionate project at his new Miami home. But when you go out like him, the key to keeping it all together is to live a healthy lifestyle-it’s easy to adopt here in South Florida, he says.

“I like the idea that fitness is at the forefront of life here,” he says. “Los Angeles can be healthy, but Miami is better for me now.”

Metcalf says his new home has an atmosphere that encourages him to do his best to look and feel good. To stay active and healthy, he does aerobic exercise, weightlifting, and yoga 5-6 days a week. In addition, there is always a beach. Metcalf can be found playing in the waves with a pitbull / schnoodle mix named Bowie. “He’s in heaven on the beach,” says Metcalf. “I’m a happy dog ​​dad because he really likes it here in Miami.”

Score it as two new and happy Miamians. “The city is beautiful and for me it’s a breath of fresh air after years of spending in Los Angeles,” says Metcalf. “It’s sophisticated and growing and has so many diverse disciplines. I’m looking forward to discovering everything it offers.”

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