Jetpack Compose 1.0 introduces a new way to preview state

Google’s Android team announced: Jetpack Compose 1.0 is now available. Jetpack Compose is a UI toolkit for Android developers.

According to the team, Compose has been openly developed for the past two years with the participation of the Android community. As of this 1.0 release, there are already 2000 apps using Compose on the Play Store.

“We designed Compose to make building native Android apps faster and easier. With a fully declarative approach, you just write the UI and Compose handles the rest. App state. The UI is updated automatically as it changes, making it quick and easy to build the UI. The intuitive Kotlin API helps you build beautiful apps with much less code. All existing Android code With native access to Android, you can adopt it at your own pace. Powerful layout API and code-driven UI make it easy to support different form factors such as tablets and foldable. Also, WearOS, home screen widgets. We will provide creation support such as, “said Anna-Chiara Bellini and Nick Butcher, Google’s product managers. , Google developer relations, officer..

Jetpack Compose is interoperable with existing apps and is designed to integrate with the Jetpack library to provide Material Design components. The Lazy component provides a simple and powerful way to display a list of data without much need for boilerplate code, the team explained. Compose also has a choice of animation APIs that make it easy to embed animations in Android apps.

This 1.0 release introduces the Compose Preview available at. Android Studio Arctic fox, This allows developers to see composable in different states, light and dark themes, or different font scaling. This simplifies component development because developers don’t have to deploy the entire app to their device to see what those changes look like.

Another new addition is the Deploy Preview. This allows developers to test parts of the UI without having to go to that part of the app.

Layout Inspector now also supports Compose. This allows developers to combine Compose with existing views.

Jetpack Compose team too Roadmap For the future of the toolkit. Going forward, the team will focus on performance, Material You components, big screen improvements, home screen widgets, and Wear OS support.

Jetpack Compose 1.0 introduces a new way to preview state

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