Jetpack Compose 1.1 has been released to improve the size of touch targets

The Android development team has announced the release of the UI toolkit Jetpack Compose version 1.1. This release includes several new features such as improved focus handling, ImageVector cache, touch target sizing, and support for Android 12 stretch overscrolling. In addition, Compose 1.1 stabilizes some experimental APIs and supports newer versions of Kotlin.

An image vector caching mechanism has been added to the painterResource API to cache all instances of ImageVector parsed with a specific resource ID and theme. Subsequent changes to the configuration will invalidate the cache.

When sizing the touch target, the material component expands the layout space to fill the material. Accessibility guidelines.. This works to match the material creation to the same behavior of the Material Design component, providing consistency in the behavior when mixing views and creation. This feature also works to ensure that the minimum accessibility requirements for touch targets are met when creating a UI using the Compose Material component.

If the user notices that this change breaks the existing layout logic, set: LocalMinimumTouchTargetEnforcement If set to false, this behavior will be disabled. However, doing so can reduce the visibility of your application.

APIs that have moved from experimental to stable in this release include:

Compose 1.1 also brings a new experimental API to Compose, adding some new features such as the ability to save and restore Animated Content when using rememberSaveable, and the use of animation of LazyColumn / LazyRow item position. increase. Modifier.animateItemPlacement ()And use the new BringIntoView API to send a request to the pattern so that the pattern scrolls to show the item.

“Jetpack Compose is stable, production ready, and continues to add the features customers were looking for. We’re excited to see tens of thousands of apps already starting to use Jetpack Compose in production. I’m looking forward to what you build, “says Florina Muntenescu, Google’s Android Developer Relations Engineer. Position..

Jetpack Compose 1.1 has been released to improve the size of touch targets

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