Joe Biden’s approval of COVID-19 is steadily progressing as the country is wary of resumption: POLL

From Washington-New ABC News / Ipsos polls show that President Joe Biden has broadly supported the response to the coronavirus, but the country is aggressively regulating regulations aimed at curbing the spread of the virus. He seems to be wary of mitigating.

During his first major legislative achievement, more than two-thirds (68%) of Americans approved Biden’s approach to a pandemic. This has been a consistent result since he took office in January. At the moment of deep political polarization, his steady approval is also reinforced by positive reviews from 35% of Republicans, 67% of independents and the overwhelming 98% of Democrats. This poll was conducted by Ipsos in partnership with ABC News using Ipsos. ‘Knowledge Panel.

Firm support for the president’s coronavirus response comes as Congress pushes Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus bailout bill through an evenly divided Senate in line with a party vote on Saturday. Packages that provide relief to low-income Americans, small businesses, schools, states and local governments must now pass through the House of Representatives before heading to Byden’s desk.

Details: The new COVID bailout bill will move to House this week after passing the Senate

Despite strong Republican opposition, a widespread federal bill will be taken up in the House of Representatives as early as Tuesday, as the Democratic Party controls both chambers in Parliament. As Biden strengthens government response to the health crisis and promotes the injection of federal resources into the devastated economy, some states are in a health crisis, including removing mask obligations and reducing corporate capacity limits. We are taking steps to withdraw our efforts to combat the fight against.

Republican state leaders in Texas and Mississippi have terminated the state-wide requirements for Mask, even if health professionals, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, warned that they would resume too soon. Earlier this week, we announced plans to bring the company to full capacity.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said at a press conference on Tuesday that “it’s time to open Texas 100%,” despite the threat of viruses and highly infectious variants remaining in the state. Said.

More Americans believe that the relaxation of mask obligations and restrictions on public meetings are happening too soon. 56% and 50%, respectively, but 22% and 26% believe it is too late, respectively. Approximately one in five Americans believe that masking obligations are relaxed (21%) and rally restrictions (24%) are at a reasonable pace.

Unlike the cheeky approach to relaxing restrictions aimed at spreading the virus, the country is divided into business and school reopening. About one-third of the country believes that resumption of business and return to face-to-face learning is too early, one-third is too late, and one-third is at a nearly reasonable pace.

Views on the country’s pace of both withdrawal and resumption of restrictions have plummeted in line with party policy, and Republicans are much more likely to think they are approaching too late than Democrats and independents.

A clear majority of Democrats (87%) and independents (55%) believe that the easing of Mask’s obligations is taking place too soon, but only 25% of Republicans say the same. I will. Republicans are not very unified on this issue as Democrats, 49% believe it is too late, and only 4% of Democrats and 17% of independents agree. Partisan results are similar on the issue of relaxing restrictions on public meetings.

Resuming school, like resuming business, causes more fractures within a political tribe. Most Democrats say schools open too early (56%), 4% say they are too late, and 40% are moving at a near-reasonable pace. Independents can be divided into too fast (27%), too slow (37%), and near-appropriate pace (36%). Meanwhile, nearly two-thirds (64%) of Republicans believe that schools aren’t opening fast enough, but only 14% say they’re too fast, and 23% say they’re at a nearly reasonable pace. I will.

Discord over reopening closed schools underscores the complexity of outlining a safe route back to normal by encouraging teachers and staff to vaccinate and improve mitigation protocols before opening classrooms. Did.

Three in ten Americans (28%) have already been vaccinated at least once in polls. This, like other recent studies, may slightly overestimate the number of vaccinated Americans. Disease management prevention. The latest CDC report, which can delay actual vaccination by several days, shows that 22.5% of the adult population received at least one vaccination.

More than half (55%) of people surveyed in polls said they didn’t plan to get the vaccine, and 15% tried to get it, but haven’t got the vaccine so far. Stated. Those who fail to get the vaccine numerically are more likely to be Democrats, more likely to be concerned about getting the virus, and think they will resume too soon.

Perspectives on the difficulty of the process are almost evenly divided among those who seek to get a vaccine appointment and those who succeed in vaccination. 51% think it’s not difficult and 48% say it’s difficult.

Even with the ongoing distribution of the vaccine, Americans are equally concerned about being infected with the coronavirus through almost a year of polls. Almost three-quarters (72%) of Americans are concerned that they or someone they know will be infected with the virus. However, high-level concerns have diminished slightly since the last time this question was asked in October. Currently, 27% say they are very concerned compared to 36% in October.

Concerns continue among those who have been vaccinated at least once, with 84% still worried about the spread of the virus, either for themselves or for acquaintances.

This ABC News / Ipsos poll was conducted by the Knowledge Panel of Ipsos Public Affairs from March 5-6, 2021, in a random national sample of 521 adults in English and Spanish. The result has a 4.8 point sampling error margin, including design effects. The Partisan sector is 31-26-36%, Democratic-Republican-Independent. Learn more about top-line voting results and methodologies.

Dan Merkle and Ken Goldstein of ABC News contributed to this report.

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Joe Biden’s approval of COVID-19 is steadily progressing as the country is wary of resumption: POLL

Source link Joe Biden’s approval of COVID-19 is steadily progressing as the country is wary of resumption: POLL

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