Joe Budden Bends Podcast Growth While Being Independently Owned by Blacks

Joe Budden Slip into Instagram Fans and everyone else can read his message to see how he comes behind his inventor, the Joe Budden Podcast. On Tuesday, Joe shared a screenshot of the US Top 50 Podcast Q1 2021-Q42021 report. His well-known platform landed at number 37 in a report published by Edison Research.

Joe Better Bragg

“Independent. Unsubstantiated. Black-owned. New co-host. No ads,” Joe Budden wrote above the screenshot in the report. “There is no integration in audio. We have opened the market. We said no to the offer. We have more than 30 staffed through the pandemic. No loans. No gimmicks.”

He writes that the distribution added to the 2021 success is not a guest. Joe added: Some know who I am. “

January 7th, he Celebrated his 500th crossing An episode of an episode that says, “There are many more.”

That moment is the reason for the celebration. Last year, a popular show left long-time hosts and friends Jamil’Mal’Clay and Rory Farrell. Joe fired Rory in the solo segment in a money battle. He apologized to both former co-hosts in a follow-up episode.

Nevertheless, October article Maru and Rory say they found another pod home in SiriusXM’s Stitcher. According to the announcement, the duo will retain 100 percent ownership of their work.

“We are pleased that the show’s creative agenda will move the show forward, not a specific person,” Rory said at the time. “There’s a lot we can do when the ego is stripped. When our actual focus isn’t personality, it’s a show. That’s what I’m excited about.”

And Joe, as he said, found a new co-host to speak through current events in the music and entertainment industry.

In early January he Virus moment After unloading a message for the host of the “Freshand Fit” podcast.

“I don’t know these two Doofs, but they can’t do this. It’s too ignorant, inexperienced, and unstable to hide this old gimmick through. It’s fragile and weak, “Joe wrote. “All black women are especially beautiful! All kinds of beautiful, so to hear this?!? From them?!? Lol It’s funny .. But it’s not.”

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Joe Budden Bends Podcast Growth While Being Independently Owned by Blacks

Source link Joe Budden Bends Podcast Growth While Being Independently Owned by Blacks

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