Joe Rogan apologizes for using “N-Word” (video)

rear #IndiaArie She said she was pulling her music from Spotify Joe Rogan’s 54-year-old, with the use of “n-word” # COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection)The comedian apologized after stating that he was “out of context.”

In a clip posted on Instagram, Logan said he understands that “n-word” shouldn’t be used in videos that are nearly six minutes long. The comedian said he had a very lucrative deal on Spotify, which is one of the “most disappointing and shameful things” he has ever talked about.

Logan went on to offer his “honest apology.”

As Previously reportedIndia.Arie shares a video montage of Logan, who repeatedly says “n *** er” on the podcast, explaining that he doesn’t want to make money from his music to pay Joe Rogan’s salary. did.

“I sympathize with those who leave because of disinformation in COVID, and I think they should,” she said. “I also think Joe Rogan has the right to say what he wants to say, and I think he has the right to say what he wants to say.”

She continued. “Spotify is built behind the scenes of music streaming, so they receive this money built from streaming and pay this guy $ 100 million, but they pay us .003 percent of the penny. Just take me off. “

Roommate, what do you think about this?

Joe Rogan apologizes for using “N-Word” (video)

Source link Joe Rogan apologizes for using “N-Word” (video)

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