John Leguizamo calls for colorism in Hollywood

There may have been some progress in the variety of expressions in mainstream movies and television, but there is still a long way to go. This is especially true when it comes to how the Latin community is portrayed in Hollywood. John Leguizamo recently Colorism There are still so many issues in the Latinx community and how they affect the cast.

“”Latin culture has a colorism that needs to be modifiedBut Hollywood also has colorism, “Leguizamo tells Nick Bariri in a new series, Seen, in collaboration with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Like most color communities, Latin communities are often treated and portrayed as monolithic groups. Movies and television still do not have enough black Latin expression and are rarely seen. Hollywood indigenous Latin representation Jeez.We rarely see Latin actors playing the leading role, but they are often white Latin, or at least relatively relatively. Light skin.. Leguizamo admits that he benefits from being a light-skinned Latino, so he avoids darkening and doesn’t really get in the way, playing these roles and climbing to Hollywood. Is done.

“I benefited from my thin skin and was away from the sun so I could work. I would never go under the sun,” he says. “For years I was so pasty that I was able to work. All Latinos who have achieved it so far have thin skin. With all Afloratin Americans. What happened to the majority of indigenous Latinos? They aren’t. Shoot. “

Leguizamo, who started his career in the early 80’s, also mentioned the case where Latina’s actress was later cast and his landing role was taken away from him. It will be a Latin movie. If Leguizamo, a relatively light-skinned Latino, had to be aware that he would get dark in the sun to play a role, black and indigenous Latin actors would be at the door. Imagine how difficult it is to set foot.There is a reason Lin-Manuel MirandaMovie version of “In the Heights” received a great deal of backlash And that’s because the movie couldn’t cast a dark-skinned black Latino actor in the lead role. A movie about Washington Heights in the neighborhood, which is mainly composed of Aphrodite Minikas, couldn’t really portray it. Someone in Kentucky who knows nothing about the Dominicans and nothing about Washington Heights may be watching the movie and not even know that the Black Latins exist. Even worse when it comes to the Latin representation of indigenous peoples, despite the fact that they identify themselves as indigenous peoples and have 50 million people who are part of them. 500 different ethnic groups Latin America as a whole. Yalitza Aparicio recently starred in the full-Vienna horror short film “Hihas de Brujas” directed by Faride Schroeder of Mexico, but was the first role to meet her since “Rome” in 2018. .. Why were you nominated for an Oscar? An actress so long to land again? in the meantime, Rachel ZeglerThe person who plays Maria in the remake of Steven Spielbergof “West Side Story” remake, Cast to play Live-action movie “Snow White” Before the “West Side Story” came out.She is very transparent Her privilege is Caucasian Latina And how she knows that it helped her land role would be much harder for a dark-skinned Latino to land.

We are slowly looking at better representations of the black Latins, as follows: The role of Ariana Devose as Anita A remake of Spielberg’s “West Side Story” and a romantic comedy from the Latin rom-com series.with love.“But there is still a long way to go.

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John Leguizamo becomes a reality on Hollywood color issues
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John Leguizamo calls for colorism in Hollywood

Source link John Leguizamo calls for colorism in Hollywood

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