Johnson in the UK wants UK schools to reopen on March 8th

London – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Wednesday that the blockade of the coronavirus in the UK would take place until at least March 8 as most students ruled out an imminent return to school.

In a statement to lawmakers, Johnson also identified new restrictions on travelers arriving in the United Kingdom from countries that the government considers to be at risk for known variants of the coronavirus.

He said the UK is still in a “dangerous situation” with more than 37,000 patients hospitalized for COVID-19, almost double the number at its last peak in April.

Johnson warned that while students were eager to return to the classroom after a school break in mid-February, the goal for March 8 was to depend on the progress of vaccination.

“The first sign that normality is starting to return is for students to return to the classroom,” he said.

Schools in England are closed to all students, except for students who are considered vulnerable and children of key workers such as doctors and delivery drivers. The same is true for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Johnson said he hopes that by February 15, the four most vulnerable groups will have the first vaccine jab and will be given a certain level of immunity within three weeks.

“Therefore, as data allows, we hope it is safe to start reopening school on Monday, March 8th, and then remove other economic and social restrictions,” he said. ..

Johnson’s announcement shows that stores selling non-essential items, pubs and restaurants are closed for extended periods of time. He said he hopes that plans for a “gradual and gradual” mitigation of the blockade will be announced in the week beginning February 22nd.

Johnson has also put forth stricter measures to limit the likelihood that new variants of the coronavirus will be sown in the United Kingdom. He confirmed a 10-day quarantine plan at a hotel or other government-provided accommodation for everyone arriving from 22 hotspot countries, including South Africa, Portugal, and all South America. ..


Since travel bans have already been enforced in these countries, quarantine measures apply primarily to UK residents, who also have to pay for hotel stays.

“They will meet at the airport and be taken directly to the quarantine,” he said.

In addition, he said, those leaving the UK would be asked why they were traveling and would be instructed to return if there was no good reason to travel. Under blockade restrictions, vacations abroad are not permitted.He said the debate is taking place so that the rules apply throughout the UK

Details of the quarantine plan will be announced next week, but critics say quarantine should be mandated each time the government arrives.

On Tuesday, the United Kingdom became the fifth country to record more than 100,000 coronavirus-related deaths. The UK is the smallest to exceed that threshold and has one of the worst COVID-19-related mortality rates in the world.


Johnson was hit by a new attack because he was too late to deal with the pandemic, especially making difficult decisions. He was up to date after scientists informed him on December 18 that the new variant of the virus, first identified in London and southeast England, was up to 70% more infectious than the original coronavirus strain. Has been criticized for delaying the blockade of the virus.

The blockade only came into effect on January 5, critics said, with a rapid increase in new coronavirus infections at the turn of the year, which has since put serious pressure on hospitals and deaths.

“50,000 people have died since November 11, and 50,000 have died in 77 days,” said Keir Starmer, the leader of the opposition’s major Labor Party. “Alone, one of these mistakes is probably understandable. In summary, it’s a terrible prosecution of how the government dealt with this pandemic.”

Although there is evidence that the blockade has reduced the number of cases, infections are still progressing at relatively high levels and tend to rise sharply again if restrictions are relaxed too quickly.



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Johnson in the UK wants UK schools to reopen on March 8th

Source link Johnson in the UK wants UK schools to reopen on March 8th

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