Jonathan Van Ness from the Netflix series “Getting Curious”

Jonathan Van Ness I’m back on Netflix — this time solo. Their new series, “Intriguing, “Is a video extension of their longtime podcast of the same name. The show explores topics ranging from the beauty of bugs to the complex origins and effects of the gender binary to the history of hair (yes, “Queer Eye“fan”. With the help of educators, scientists, activists, and a few well-known friends, Van Nes sheds light on questions that revolve around their passion. How can their first solo series, and the “others” of the community pushed to the limits of Hollywood, be dismantled?

Van Nes expresses that Hollywood representatives are “conflicting” with the idea that they are the starting point for transgender and non-binary advocacy. But when they need to tackle the topic of an alliance in entertainment, they say: A terrifying anti-trans bill at the state level. It also provides a large amount of money to Republicans who are systematically blocking equality law. [and] Systematically block [the] Voting rights law.I think voting rights are affecting the disproportion[ing] Color people [and] LGBTQIA + people. Although they agree with the award show Leave the binaryThe law is where transgender and non-binary people most need to form an alliance.Especially in this year of the midterm elections, “to be able to keep moving forward on these difficult issues we have created. [movement on], But we aren’t making as much as we need. “

“I’m a non-binary, gender-incompatible, HIV-positive person who has been given the opportunity to tell stories and create his own series on platforms in 190 countries.

They continue that their show “Getting Curious” is a prime example of how Hollywood can expand its alliance. “I Non-binaryGender incompatibility, HIV positive Those who have been given the opportunity to tell a story and create their own series on platforms in 190 countries. .. .. There are many people. “

Van Ness said that major networks such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and NBC “diversify gender, give diverse people, give BIPOC people the opportunity to shine, and increase the chances of storytelling.” He adds that he needs to practice. [and] I have more opportunities to talk about myself. “

Intriguing with JONATHAN VAN NESS S1. (From left to right) Aroku, Jonathan Van Ness, Joshua Allen, Geo Neptune in Episode 6 to get Curious in Jonathan Van Ness S1. Cr. NETFLIX © 2021

The stars of “Queer Eye” were given more opportunities than just visibility when it came to their show “Getting Curious”. Van Ness is an executive producer and creator. “In my first solo project to be an executive producer and a show creator, I was a little more convinced of my voice and style as a host and entertainer in this world.” , Change it, [it] It’s a bit faster and a little more suitable for TV, “they explain the choice to bring podcasts to TV. Van Ness added: As a writer, as a creator, and as a host, but don’t do anything new to me that is untranslated and unattractive. I was convinced that I could create a fascinating series from this podcast. “

“Getting Curious” will want to ask more “why” and “how” about what you are interested in. That is the ultimate goal. “I hope it [viewers] More knowledge, more curiosity, [and] “Curiosity is really fun and can actually be done safely with curiosity,” said Van Ness. “Curiosity” will premiere on Netflix on January 28th.

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Jonathan Van Ness from the Netflix series “Getting Curious”

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