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A federal judge on Wednesday has for the time being blocked a new Florida law that seeks to punish large social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter for deleting content or banning politicians.

Judge Robert Hinkle of the US District Court has granted a provisional injunction to prevent the enforcement of the new law. Law- It was supposed to come into effect on Thursday — The state is $ 250,000 a day if a large social media company deletes a state-wide political candidate account, or $ 25,000 a day if someone is running for a local office. I was able to impose a fine.

The bill was challenged in federal court in Tallahassee by NetChoice, a lobbying firm representing Twitter, Facebook and other online companies, and the Computer and Communications Industry Association. Both said the new law was unconstitutional and violated federal law.

Plaintiffs said the judge was likely to win their allegation that the new law violated the First Amendment if the case was brought to justice.

Hinkle said the new law covers only large social media businesses, not small social media businesses that offer the same services, and includes that theme park owners are not subject to the law. Said that the app was an exception. Walt Disney World, a suburb of Orlando, is one of the state’s largest private employers.

“The law forces providers to host speeches that violate their standards — speeches they wouldn’t otherwise host — and prohibits providers from telling them to do so,” Hinkle said. Wrote.

When signing the bill in May, Governor Ron DeSantis said Silicon Valley companies were using unprecedented power against Americans.

“We lifted the U.S. president’s platform, but when we let Ayatollah Alien talk about the killing of Jews, it was wrong,” said Desantis, referring to Donald Trump’s suspension from Twitter and Facebook. ..

“I’m disappointed with Judge Hinkle’s decision and disagree with his decision that the US Constitution protects Big Tech’s censorship of certain individuals and content,” DeSantis’ office said in a statement Wednesday night. It was.

“We will immediately appeal to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals,” the statement said.

Judge Blocks Effective – NBC4 Washington

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