Judge decides “immediately” in a cruise ship proceeding against the Florida CDC

Tampa, Florida — A new development was made in federal court on Thursday in a Florida lawsuit against the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cruise ship conditional navigation order.

Both Florida and the CDC have returned to Tampa’s federal court to hear another injunction with Judge Steven Merryday.

The hearing began with Judge Maryday suing the state for making inaccurate public statements about mediation. Last week, the governor’s office commented that a deadlock had been declared.

Judge Maryday said it was not true and mediation was underway. He asked the state how the false statement was made and how it was made publicly available from the mediation. State lawyers said they considered this a misunderstanding. Judge Merry Day has stated that both sides have a duty of confidentiality and will investigate if it recurs.

The hearing continued with state claims that the CDC’s conditional sailing orders were out of scope.

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One of the state’s main claims is that the CDC mandates 95% vaccination to avoid simulated cruises, which immunizes 70% of adults to achieve herd immunity. It was not in line with President Biden’s goal.

The state also disagrees with the CDC’s definition of “outbreak” on board a cruise ship.

The CDC defines an “outbreak” on board a cruise ship as an onboard positive rate of 1.5%. The state argued that its positive rate was much lower than on land and therefore unfair to cruise companies.

Meanwhile, the CDC is working with the cruise ship industry to claim that cruise ship reopening is “smooth” and “as expected.” They claim they are trying to mitigate outbreaks on cruise ships and protect the general public from potential outbreaks.

The CDC also states that mandating 95% vaccination on cruise ships is based on an internal CDC model that uses current infection rates.

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The hearing was attended by the CEO of the Cape Canaveral Port Authority. He says the cruise company is already planning to reopen, but the proceedings play an important role in speed.

“The proceedings themselves were able to make the process a bit faster than in other cases. I don’t know if the CDC will work as quickly as it does now to bring the industry back online,” said John Murray. The captain said.

Murray also said that Port Canaveral has four cruise lines, all of which have submitted conditional sailing order documents and the CDC has approved them. He wants to embark more children. , Says to take a simulated voyage route.

“We are a cruise port in Central Florida. Our market is a market in Orlando. Children and people going to theme parks, and all ships departing from Port Canaveral, sailed first and were simulated. When finally phased in, the CDC will not reach the 95% standard set to avoid simulated voyages.

Judge Maryday did not reveal the timeline of the decision. He said he wanted to help both sides answer his question and make sure he made the right decision. He said he wanted to make that decision “immediately.”

Judge decides “immediately” in a cruise ship proceeding against the Florida CDC

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