Judge dismissed Laundry’s motion to dismiss Petite proceedings

Sarasota County, Florida — The judge dismissed a motion to dismiss a civil lawsuit resulting from Gabby Petito’s death by fiancé Brian Laundrie.

Chris and Roberta Laundry The proceedings filed by Joseph Petite and Nicole Schmidt have recently been tried many times last week...

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Gabby’s parents claim the pain of deliberate mental distress from the laundry. They claimed that Laundry knew that their son had strangled Gabby and left his body in Wyoming, and then did not give Petitos information that would give them an earlier closure.

At the hearing on June 22Judge Hunter Carroll repeatedly asked about the legal obligation that Laundry must provide Schmidt and Petite with the necessary information.

Laundry’s lawyer said there was no legal obligation to speak to Schmidt and Petite because no one was forcing them to speak (ie, with a particular question).

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However, the judge pointed out that Laundry spoke publicly through the sponsorship of lawyer Stephen Bertolino.

During a search for Petite’s whereabouts in September 2021, Bertolino issued the following statement:

“This is, of course, a very difficult time for both Petite and Laundry families. We understand that the search for Miss Petite was conducted in or near Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. On behalf of the Laundry House, I hope Miss Petite’s search was successful and Miss Petite will reunite with her family. With the advice of a lawyer, the Laundry House remains in the background at this point. , No further comments. “

“If the facts of this case were really about silence, the court would have settled the case in Laundry’s favor,” the judge continued.

“Because the lawyer’s statement of Laundry related to the unique facts of this case is objectively exorbitant, the court concludes that the plaintiff has stated the cause of intentional mental distress for Laundry. The court has denied Laundry’s allegations. It dismisses them. ”

The jury trial is scheduled to begin in August 2023, while waiting for further submissions.

Judge dismissed Laundry’s motion to dismiss Petite proceedings

Source link Judge dismissed Laundry’s motion to dismiss Petite proceedings

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