Judge reviewing evidence of Club Blue shooting, family says Chieraras is innocent

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A 23-year-old woman arrested for the Club Blu shooting asked the judge to dismiss the proceedings against her for lack of evidence.

Kiera Russ appeared in court on Friday and demanded that her charges be withdrawn. Russ faces two counts of two murders and one count of plots to commit the murder.

After years of investigating mass shootings at the end of a teenage club party that killed two people and injured others, Russ co-defendants Derrick Church, Demetrius O’Neill, Taize Battle, and Don Trill. He was arrested in December with Loggins.

Lehi Acres basketball star Stef’An Strawder and 14-year-old Sean Archilles were basketball players on their own rights and members of the CityGate Ministries’ Crossover Youth Center.

According to the dismissal allegations filed by Russ’s lawyer, the evidence against Russ is only a text message exchanged with O’Neill a few weeks before the shooting and on the night of July 25, when the shooting took place.

In an interview with WINK News, Russ’s parents Lekesha Gales and Sharone Russ say Russ is innocent.

“We are parents, it’s our baby, and we hope the truth is revealed and she is innocent,” Gales said. “She is innocent. She is a good boy. No problem. No, not. She needs to go out.”

Russ has been imprisoned in Lee County Jail for $ 750,000 in bonds since he was arrested.

“I am a mother at first and know this case. You know, it’s long. And with the respect of the victim’s family, you know. We also sacrifice this. You know, my daughter was imprisoned, and we know the fact that you know, she is innocent, “Gales said. “It’s hard as a parent. Victims have lost their loved ones, but we have lost our loved ones. And I’m overwhelmed by it all.

According to the motion, Russ was scheduled to perform at the party.

In one text, she tells O’Neill, “I see one opposite side wide open.”

At 12:33 am, Russ sends O’Neill a text saying, “We’re leaving.” O’Neill asks and answers, “Everyone?”

And Russ replies, “Yes.”

Shooting takes place minutes after receiving the text.

The state claims that it “incited, triggered, encouraged, supported, and / or advised others to commit crimes,” in response to the motion to dismiss.

The judge reviewed the evidence and decided to discuss the motion within a few weeks.

Russ will return to court on June 3rd.

Russ’s parents say she has never been arrested.

“She is not a criminal. She is not a bad person,” Gales said. “We all have drawbacks. But this is not one of her drawbacks. She is not a murderer. She is by no means a bad boy. You know, so this Was very overwhelming for our family. “

The family is supporting the release of Russ.

Judge reviewing evidence of Club Blue shooting, family says Chieraras is innocent

Source link Judge reviewing evidence of Club Blue shooting, family says Chieraras is innocent

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