July was the hottest month on record, NOAA says

Published by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, this image shows the temperature difference from the July 2021 global average. On Friday, August 13, 2021, US meteorological officials said the Earth in July was the hottest month ever recorded.Credit: NOAA National Center for Environmental Information via AP

U.S. meteorological officials have announced that the Earth was extremely hot in July, making it the hottest month of 142 years of records management.

When an extreme heat wave hits a part America And in Europe, the average global temperature last month was 62.07 degrees Celsius (16.73 degrees Celsius). Defeat the front The record was set in July 2016 and was re-established in 2019 and 2020. The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said on Friday. The margin was only 0.02 degrees (.01 degrees Celsius).

According to NOAA climatologist Ahira Sanchez-Lugo, the last July of 2015-2021 was the hottest July on record. Last month was 1.67 degrees (0.93 degrees Celsius) warmer than the 20th century average for that month.

“In this case, number one is the worst place,” NOAA administrator Rick Spinrad said in a press release. “This new record adds a disturbing and destructive path that climate change has set on Earth.”

“this is Climate change“This is a sign of summer admiration for unprecedented heat, drought, wildfires and floods,” said Michael Mann, a climate scientist at Pennsylvania State University.

Earlier this week, the prestigious United Nations Scientific Committee Warning of worsening climate change Coal, oil, Natural gas And other human activities.

According to Sanchez Lugo, warming in western North America and parts of Europe and Asia has caused record heat. The world’s temperature was slightly above the record, but it was the northern hemisphere’s temperature that smashed it, she said.

Temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere were one-third (0.19 degrees Celsius) higher than previous records set in July 2012. This is a “wide margin” in temperature records, Sanchez-Lugo said.

This is also the hottest month on record, as July is the hottest month in the world.

One factor that helps the world burn this summer is Arctic OscillationAccording to NOAA climatologists, El Nino’s cousin is warming in the positive stages.

Globally sizzling: July was the hottest month on record, NOAA says

In the file photo on Monday, July 26, 2021, cows are grazing as smoke rises from a burning Dixie fire in the Lassen National Forest near Jonesville, California. Wildfires are in the western United States due to historic droughts and recent heat waves associated with climate change. On Friday, August 13, 2021, US meteorological officials said the Earth in July was the hottest month ever recorded.Credits: AP Photo / Noah Berger, File

Despite the scorching July and the awkward June, this year is the sixth warmest on record so far. According to Sanchez Lugo, this is mainly because 2021 has begun to cooler than in recent years, mainly because the cooling of La Niña in the Central Pacific often reduces the average global temperature.

“One month alone doesn’t make much sense, but this year was the year of La Niña, the warmest temperature on record … consistent with the patterns we’ve seen in most of the last decade,” he said. Donald Wuebbles, Professor of Meteorology, University of Illinois.

The world set a record in July, The United States tied for the 13th time The hottest July on record. July in California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington was the hottest, with Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Alabama, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire a little cooler than normal months. record Heat level.

The last time the Earth was cooler in July than the 20th century average was in 1976. This was also the last year when the Earth was cooler than usual.

“That means that if you’re under 45, you won’t see an average for a year (or July). temperature The temperature of the earth was cooler than the average of the 20th century. ”

The western United States was hit by the heat, drought, and relentless wildfires in July.

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July was the hottest month on record, NOAA says

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