Junior Delani Novak Wins Judith Resnik Memorial Scholarship

Delanino Bak was awarded in 2022 Judith Resnik Memorial Scholarship And the SWE Board’s Judith Resnik Achievement Scholarship is worth $ 5,000 for 2022-23. The Junior Aerospace Engineering Department has defeated more than 1,100 applicants for national honor.

“You have shown outstanding academic performance and strong engineering potential,” Rachel Morford, president of the Women’s Engineers Society, who oversees the scholarship, said in a letter to Novak.

The prestigious scholarship Named after ResnikAn excellent engineer, NASA astronaut, and member of the Women Engineers Association, who died in the Challenger Shuttle Disaster in 1986. She was the second American woman to fly in space and the first Jewish woman of all nationalities. In her multiple shuttle missions, she recorded 145 hours in orbit.

“It’s a great honor for me to win such a scholarship dedicated to great engineers, astronauts and women,” Novak said. “She was very inspirational to me. It was great to hear that we were musicians and had a similar college experience at Taubeta Pie. Someday I hope she can realize her legacy. hoping.”

Novak is the daughter of Derek and Laura Novak. Derek Novak ’94 holds a bachelor’s degree in marine engineering from the Florida Institute of Technology and is currently Vice President and Chief Engineer of the American Ship Classification Association.

Since she was little, Delaninobak has enjoyed math and science courses and learned how things work.She was later inspired by NASA’s groundbreaking African-American mortar, Katherine Johnson, in the film. Hidden person.. As a high school student in Kingwood, Texas, Novak attended the following aerospace classes: Learn how to design, manufacture and launch rockets..

“Through these projects, I discovered my passion for aerospace engineering,” says Novak.

That passion leads her to an influential future.

“Ultimately, I want to be part of a team that helps bring astronauts to Mars,” she said. “I especially enjoy the structural aspects of engineering, but I’m also looking forward to having a seat in mission control!”

Junior Delani Novak Wins Judith Resnik Memorial Scholarship

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