Juniper allows mist to handle network fabric management

Juniper Networks uses open campus fabric management technology supported by other major network vendors while improving usability by eliminating much of the manual labor required.

The company will add Ethernet VPN-Virtual Extensible XLAN (EVPN-VXLAN) support to its Mist AI cloud-based management platform to help customers streamline network operations.

EVPN-VXLAN separates the underlying physical network from the virtual overlay network, providing integrated Layer 2 / Layer 3 connectivity, as well as features such as programmable, automation, and network segmentation. Open technology is offered in a variety of forms by most networking vendors, including Cisco, Arista, Aruba, and more.

“Many of today’s campus networks leverage unique technologies and complex L2 / L3 architectures that aren’t designed to meet the latest requirements,” said Jeff Aaron, vice president of enterprise marketing at Juniper. It states as follows. blog About the announcement. “In addition, configuration mismanagement and lack of scale make it difficult for mobile users and IoT devices to maintain an agile environment. EVPN-VXLAN is commonly used to address these challenges. It’s an open standard. “

However, while EVPN-VXLAN offers advantages over traditional fabric management options, deployment and management can be complicated, Aaron said. According to Aaron, the mist is designed to reduce this “operational burden”.

By adding EVPN-VXLAN support to MistCloud, customers can select a topology, identify the required physical connections, and apply the correct basic policy without all the manual intervention normally required for EVPN-VXLAN management.

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Juniper allows mist to handle network fabric management

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