Kaci Walfall talks about CW Naomi and representative

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Ava DuVernay Had a vision to bring the story of a new kind of superhero to life CW “Naomi”: An autonomous story played by a prestigious character Kaci Walfall) Living in her own “Naomi Poetry” allows you to redefine what your expression on television will look like. The New DC drama “Cool, confident, cartoon-loving teenager” Naomi pursues “her hidden destiny” while unraveling supernatural mysteries in her hometown and discovering her special powers.

“It’s an expression, not a tokenism, but a normalization.”

compared to Other superhero shows Using race as a plotting device, Naomi offers a refreshing approach to expression that doesn’t throw anything obvious into the viewer’s face. The series focuses on Walfall characters, but not on her skin color, but on her point of view as a high school student through a comic-led seijin-shiki story. “Miss Ava always says, this is a really good thing that the show is based on normalization,” Walfall tells POPSUGAR. “It’s an expression, not a tokenism, it’s a normalization. You see this girl living her life, and she’s a black girl, but she’s not always spoken. There is none [from that point of view] At the show because it’s based on her environment-based normalization. ”

Undoubtedly, “Naomi” is a TV show that you can look up to to feel that a young black girl is being watched. However, the premise of the series should not be limited to portraying one thing, such as race, and the same is true of how it is done. Dealing with sexuality.. As seen in Episode 1, Naomi’s interest in her love is her ex-boyfriend Nathan (Daniel Puig), And her friends Anthony (Wil Myers) and Lourdes (Camira Moreno). Subtle references to her fluid sexuality do not force a particular story at the show. Just add another layer to explore. “She is welcome because it is her,” explains Walfall. “She has no problem with it, and no one should have a problem with it. So I think it’s beautiful ….. I remember reading that scene [with her parents] Just like this, it’s a very nice sentence because I don’t feel forced or forced. It’s just who she is. “

The approach to the expression of “Naomi” goes beyond race and sexuality. The show also created a new image that affirms all of the black girls and their many interests and characteristics. “I think this show will offer this girl who is not only confident but also interested in comics,” Walfall commented. “It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be associated with a particular label, it feels like you have to put it in a box to be infinite. Everyone is infinite … I would say [the show] We have succeeded in showing us, especially young black girls and young black people, that we do not have to put ourselves in the box. We are so many different things and it is our strength to accept them. “

Being a member of “Naomi” had a great influence on Walfall, especially with respect to the relationship she had with Duberney. At this time last year, the 17-year-old actor was auditioning for the show. And it was Duberney who personally met Walfort and her mother to scrutinize the young actor for her protagonist. “She is very friendly to everyone around her,” Walfort says of her work with Duberney. “She values ​​your personal life as much as possible and cares about you as a person and how you behave mentally. She is a very kind person and who I think it really affects my work because I want to be there. She gave me advice on performance. She gave me advice on hatred. She gave me advice on hatred. Became a better person to me and gave me some advice on telling myself that I was enough. “

“If someone is saying something negative, it means you’re doing the right thing because someone is talking about it.”

While the praise that “Naomi” receives outweighs the negative comments, Duberney’s advice on navigating negative commentary sticks most to Walfall. She says, “I know these days are more often hated than loved. This is the product of our generation today. But she talked to her over the phone. I remember. [asking]”How do you get over it?” Says Walfall. “I didn’t experience that much. People who saw the show start were saying negative things, but I remember she was just like that. .. .. The person who dislikes, no matter how good, always exists. Like everything in life, whether you’re doing something mainstream or not. “So she It was basically like, “Knowing your greatness and sitting down is your job.”So i took [precautions] Don’t look at a particular thing, and sometimes it’s very attractive, but I remember working hard. If someone says something negative, it means you’re doing the right thing because someone is talking about it. “


Image source: CW

Much of the buzz around Naomi comes from what enthusiastic DC fans still want. Crossover with Arrowverse Or the DC Extended Universe. DuVernay has already confirmed that Season 1 is dedicated to nurturing Naomi’s story, but Walfall teases the table with still potential for the future. “There is no crossover in Season 1, but that doesn’t mean there is no crossover,” she says. “Miss Ava is affiliated with DC and has a DMZ, so she was able to bring us some shows. [universe] Because she now has this DC property. “

“I hope people take away that your uniqueness is really your power and use it as your strength.”

“Naomi” has only been broadcast in four episodes so far, but it has become a splash by rebuilding the format of the traditional superhero series. The direction of the origin story of most superheroes is easy to predict. Citizens discover their power and become the heroes they are destined for. But since the series starts from scratch, “Naomi” puts the viewer on tiptoe. Based on the 2019 comic series of the same name written by Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker, and Jamal Campbell, this particular show follows her journey as Naomi’s superhero identity doesn’t yet exist. ..

“What I like about this show is the superhero story, but it’s the origin story, and I don’t think it’s done this way,” Walfall said. “The show is different. Unlike all other shows ….. In many cases, superheroes are considered never reachable, always happy and convinced of their decision, but they What if the power given to them makes them different and they don’t like it? People rob you that your uniqueness is really your power and make it yours I hope to use it as a strength. “

“Naomi” will air a new episode on Tuesday at 9pm EST.

Kaci Walfall talks about CW Naomi and representative

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