Kanye West asks people to stop asking him about NFTs

Many people have entered the world of cryptocurrencies, but Kanye West is the only one who is not currently interested in doing so.

On Monday, you went to Instagram and shared a photo of your handwritten note. So he asked people to stop asking about NFTs. In that memo, he wrote: Don’t ask me to do af ***** gNFT. “

But he left room for potential in the near future. After signing the memo “You”, he added, “Ask me later.”

In his post, he captioned the photo in the note, “Don’t ask me to do an NFT. I’m not Fina’s co-signature … so far, I’m not riding that wave. I make music and products in the real world. “

While other artists are talking about their involvement in NFT. Kanye West focused on his paternity and his music.

In a recent video, he shared that he didn’t have a phone until February 22nd as he focused on completing his latest album, “Donda 2.”

As Before Reported, Kanye recently explained why he decided to buy a home across the street from his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian. He said. “My comfort comes from meeting my children and having a solid schedule, so I got a house too.”

He went on to explain: “When my mother took me from Atlanta to Chicago, my dad didn’t come to the coldest and most dangerous city in the world next to me,” he said, “I’m for my career. I’m going to stay in Atlanta. “

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TSR Staff: Jade_Ashley94

Kanye West asks people to stop asking him about NFTs

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