Kanye West claims that Kim Kardashian tried to “kidnap” his daughter Chicago.

Huh! Things seem messy to the west. With news that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are divorcing, the two seem to be on different paths amicably until Ye recently started spilling her family’s tea online. did.

Just a few weeks ago, Ye blasted Kim, claiming he didn’t invite him to Chicago’s birthday party. And now, the Jezy mogul claims that Kim tried to “kidnap” his daughter. Kim and Kanye exchanged words on Friday morning after Ye expressed concern about North’s presence in Tick Talk. Kim also said she was the “main donor and caregiver” of the children, but she didn’t seem to rub Kanye the right way.

“What do you mean by the main provider? The United States saw you trying to kidnap me by not providing an address for my daughter’s birthday,” Kanye wrote in response to Kim. “You secured me in the house to play with my son and then accused me of stealing me. After accusing you of taking me drugs at a Chicago party I had to undergo a drug test. Tracy Romulus stopped manipulating Kim this way … “

As Reported earlierKanye is talking publicly about his split from Kim, everything from his decision to buy a house across the street from his estranged wife to Kimmy Cake’s new relationship with Pete Davidson. Was detailed. Kim seems to have been quiet about the issue until Kanye said Northwest posted on TikTok. [his] “On Friday.

Kim said: “Kanier’s constant attacks in interviews and social media are actually more harmful than Tik Tok North creates. I protect my daughter as a parent who is the main donor and guardian of my children. I’m doing my best to help my daughter express her creativity in the medium she wants under adult supervision, because it brings her happiness. “

She went on to say that Kanye made their divorce and co-parenting relationship more difficult and “caused further pain for everyone.”

Kim Kardashian has not yet responded to Kanye’s claim.

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Kanye West claims that Kim Kardashian tried to “kidnap” his daughter Chicago.

Source link Kanye West claims that Kim Kardashian tried to “kidnap” his daughter Chicago.

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