Keith Powers and Ryan Destiny disband

Keith Powers and Ryan Destiny are split He says he will stop it four years after dating, Man report. “They are taking time to focus on themselves and their new career, but they continue to be close friends,” a source told the outlet.

The couple met first Teen Vogue The 2015 party, and they also connected via Instagram. For the past four years, they have been able to keep their romance fairly modest. However, they gave the onlookers a glimpse of the prosperous relationship of the time. Joint interview with Wethe Urban “We tried to hide it for a variety of reasons, but as a human sometimes you just want to scream into the world.” “I love this person and I’m happy!” Ryan said at the time. Said. “We are trying to find a balance. It is important to remind people that we are ourselves, as I am already an individual and a career focus.”

“It’s very important for us people to see the love of healthy blacks,” Keith added. “Whether it’s a relationship, a marriage, a friendship. Black love gives us hope. It’s powerful to see black love flourish.” Ryan and Keith both. Not publicly tackling the division of.

Keith Powers and Ryan Destiny disband

Source link Keith Powers and Ryan Destiny disband

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