Keke Palmer wants fans to respect her boundaries

Emmy Award Winners Keke Palmer After her privacy has been compromised by a recent encounter with a relentless fan, she is asking her to respect her personal boundaries. On Saturday, the actress and singer opened about someone approaching her to take a picture of her at the bar. In her tweet, Palmer said her she politely declined, but her fans kept asking her and eventually filmed her without her consent.

The incident made Palmer feel both upset and violated. “No means no, even if it has nothing to do with sex.” She tweeted.. “I was at the bar the other day and this girl asked me three times to take a picture, but I said three times that I didn’t want to take a picture with her. She was still at my will On the contrary, I was before shooting me. In her case, I was wrong, so I just laughed nervously while the privacy was compromised. “

In a subsequent Instagram post, Palmer elaborated on why fans didn’t stop shooting her. “Obviously, I’m still upset because I didn’t like to smile, but it’s my defense mechanism of laughing and joking in unpleasant situations, which misunderstands people every time,” she said. I am writing. “Literally, I might want to scream, but it’s still running on the outside. The fact that I say no to people at all is a therapeutic advance for me. To avoid conflicts, you Disappoints himself every time … Good luck to everyone who sometimes struggles with this too.

Palmer is trying to turn it into something positive, just as the experience was difficult for her. Her post has already sparked a conversation about respecting people’s privacy and why it’s important to listen when someone says “no” in any situation. Amy Schumer, Becky G, Yvonne Aussie and all the celebrities “no” Star Instagram posts with support messages. “I have my SIS!” “Unsafe” Written by actor Amanda Seales. “Boundaries are about narcissism, not ostracism. Thank you for sharing with us and encouraging people to set their own boundaries. You are doing beautiful honey.”

Both Ceres and Palmer are absolutely correct. Setting boundaries is very important for both celebrities and non-celebrities. As the actor’s experience shows, it’s never okay to ignore someone when you say “no”.

Keke Palmer wants fans to respect her boundaries

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