Kevin Durant will be one of Nets’ big three to play in Game 5

For all intent and purpose, Kevin Durant will participate alone in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals at Barclays Center on Tuesday night. Bucks tied Series 2-2 in the last two games in Milwaukee, injuring Nets as the Big 3 superstar cast dropped to 1 after both injured Kyrie Irving and James Harden were removed from Game 5. I know it’s a prey. on Monday.

Irving suffered a sprain on his right ankle in the middle of the second quarter of Game 4 on Sunday. He had an MRI scan on Monday and was excluded. When asked if Steve Nash would return to the series, he said, “I don’t know.”

Harden didn’t practice on Monday, but he tested his tight right hamstring in training, after which he was excluded. Now, only Durant and the cast who support it will be fighting Bucks’ Big 3 Janis Adetokumpo, Chris Midrutheon, and Jul Holiday.

Durant was asked how he felt forced to adapt to such a serious injury during the postseason, saying, “I’m not the injured person. For Kylie and James, this is them. Is an opportunity to play at the highest level. They feel better than me because they don’t play because of injuries. I wish my brothers were playing. I wish they were healthy. But it’s part of the game.

“I know they are doing their best to get back to bed and get healthy as soon as possible … and the healthy rest, we play all our possessions as hard as we can. Must be. “”

Undoubtedly, Bucks gathered in Durant after Irving went down in Game 4, and Tucker was particularly rough. Nash described his tactics as “borderline-basketball physicality.”

Bucks Middleton had a different perspective. After practicing, Middleton said, “Tuck did a great job of making it tough with KD.” “When we see it, it’s contagious. We don’t want to disappoint him. Our efforts are wasted when he had one of the most difficult players to guard. I don’t want to see it become. “

In Game 4, Durant had 28 points and 13 rebounds, but he had a shooting performance of 9 to 25, 1 to 8 from a range of 3 points. He had to get up from the floor several times after a failed shot without a foul.

After one oral conversation in Game 3, Durant was asked about the physicality of Durant and his chin-butted Tucker, disregarding it. “It’s a playoff,” he said. “References feel like humans like us. Some calls they plan to receive, others they may miss.

“I think their whole team has a great defense, above all. They have a lot of helpful long and athletic guys who can get close to the paint and pick up the full coat well. You can. No. We are worried about only one man. Their entire team is doing a good job of flocking to help each other … it’s just about playing through it. “

After the point guard Irving pulled in Game 4, Durant was essentially a point forward, launching the attack with the ball up-court. Nash said the nets became predictable, but Durant’s sound decided to carry them in Game 5.

“I do everything there, just like I do every night,” Durant said. “More than others. You may have to handle more balls, you may have to post more, you may have to remove more pindowns. Night.”

Kevin Durant will be one of Nets’ big three to play in Game 5

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