Kid Cudi and Adele talking in the Lakers game

Image source: Getty / Allen J. Chaven / Los Angeles Times

This is submitted under “Friendship of New Favorite Celebrities”. On Tuesday night, the stars were out for the opening night of the NBA season. Celebrities fill the Staples Center There was one unexpected duo that warmed our hearts in Los Angeles to see the Lakers play against the Golden State Warriors. Talking about Kid Cudi and Adele.Adele may have enjoyed a nice date night Boyfriend rich paulHowever, when the opportunity appeared in half the time, she hurriedly talked to Mr. Rager himself.Eagle eye fan I captured the interaction with a video, And it is guaranteed to make you smile.

The two artists are deeply involved with each other for a few seconds. In seconds, I was able to spin the wheels about what they might be talking about.Kid Cudi was praising Adele’s amazing Louis Vuitton coat?? Did they secretly set the time to meet in the studio and give us the ultimate collaboration? Unfortunately, we may never know the answer. Kudi retweeted the fan video The next day, they spewed out about their interaction. “Many people hate what she said. I never say it, but it was the sweetest thing anyone could say from one artist to another 😌 I’m melting with joy. She Is the best! 💖 I love her, “he says. I have written. Ah!

Kid Cudi and Adele talking in the Lakers game

Source link Kid Cudi and Adele talking in the Lakers game

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