Kierra Sheard shares a message about boundaries

Kierra Sheard Earlier this week, I’ve cleaned the air and clarified comments about my friends’ preferences for staying at the hotel rather than the house I share with my husband Jordan Kelly. The daughter of legendary gospel singer Karen Clark Sheard became a hot topic after sharing the advice she received from her mother. As reported earlier in an interview with Page Six, Kiera said: I don’t care how much you trust them, whatever it is. I am very careful. I asked her friend to buy a hotel room and then let her stay at home. “

Yesterday, Kiera shared a full interview with’Gram’s post. She captioned the post. “Today, healthy boundaries look like anxiety and distrust for some, but for those who want to know the truth, this is making so many to reach juicy headlines for influence. It’s a complete video for people. I’m blessed with a trusted husband and friends. ” Kiera continued. “My family and friends are welcome in my house. They know who they are. I keep prayers and strategies in everything I do, and you do too. It should be. Recent common sense is not so “general” and it is recommended to distinguish it well. ”

When she finished her post, she explained that she would remain prayerful and strategic in everything she did, and advised everyone to protect their homes, husbands, children, careers, and more. Some people, including gospel singer Tasha Cobbs Leonard, praised the boundaries of Kiera. She commented: Continue to preach the sisters of wisdom and words! Excited by the Line Sisters !!!!!!!! “

What do you think about the reaction of your roommate Kiera?

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Kierra Sheard shares a message about boundaries

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