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Chad’s long-time leader died from a wound he received during a visit to a front-line army fighting lesser-known rebels, the military said Tuesday. ..

The military soon announced the son of President Idriss Dévi Itono as the interim leader of the Central African state, succeeding his 68-year-old father, who had ruled for more than 30 years.

Some observers quickly questioned the sequence of events leading up to the spectacular announcement on national radio and television on Tuesday.

Ayo Sogunro, a Nigerian lawyer and fellow at the South African-based Human Rights Center, said that under Chad law, the term of office of the incumbent president would be completed by parliament, not by family.

“It is unconstitutional in a coup d’etat for the military to seize power and give it to the president’s son,” Sogunro tweeted Tuesday, calling on the African Union to condemn the transfer of power.

Debbie’s 37-year-old son, Mahamat, is best known as the Commander-in-Chief of the Chad Army in support of UN peacekeeping operations in northern Mali. The military said on Tuesday that it would lead an interim council 18 months after the death of his father.

The military sought calm, enacted a curfew at 6 pm, and closed the country’s land-air border as panic trapped many in its home in the capital, N’Djamena.

“In the face of this alarming situation, the people of Chad must show a commitment to peace, stability and national cohesion,” said General Azem Belmandore Agma.

Debbie’s death situation could not be immediately and independently confirmed due to the remoteness of the battle.

The government has released few details of its efforts to quell the rebellion in northern Chad, but announced on Saturday that it had “completely destroyed” a row of rebel fighters.

A group of rebels known as Chad’s change and the forefront of Concord later issued a statement that fierce fighting broke out on Sunday and Monday. He released a list of five senior officials who said they had been killed, saying that ten others, including President Chad, were injured.

The Army said on Tuesday that Debbie fought heroically but was injured in the fight. He was then taken to the capital and died of unspecified injuries.

However, some residents of the capital said they were afraid that there might be more to talk about Debbie’s death.

“The widespread rumors about the interim council give me the impression that some information is incorrect,” said Thierry Zikoroum. “They are already talking about the dissolution of Congress … so I think it was a coup for me. He was killed.”

Some foreign observers also wondered how the head of state was killed, saying that the head of state cast suspicions on his guards. The Chad army said it had killed 300 rebels after only admitting five people dead in a weekend battle.

“We don’t have the big picture yet,” Global Intelligence Advisor Wraith Alcori told The Associated Press. “It raises concerns about the assessment of conflicts by security forces and their intelligence regarding the seriousness of the situation.”

Other analysts pointed out the long history of Debbie’s visit to the battlefield as former Army commander-in-chief.

“There is no evidence to suggest that this was a coup committed by his army. Anyone who follows Debbie says he” must smell gunpowder to lead the army. ” I know I was there, “Cameron Hudson tweeted at the Atlantic Council’s Africa Center.

Debbie was France’s main ally in the fight against Islamic extremism in Africa, hosting the French military base for Operation Barkhane and supplying important troops to peacekeeping operations in northern Mali.

French Defense Minister Florence Parly expressed his condolences to the people of Chad at a German press conference in Paris.

“Now at the heart of us is the ability to carry out a democratic transition process and maintain Chad’s stability,” she said.

“For the rest, the French authorities need” a little more time “to analyze the situation, she added.

Earlier, the French president called Debbie a “courageous friend.”

Chad said in a statement that he had lost “a great soldier and president who worked non-stop for 30 years for national security and regional stability.”

Debbie first came to power in 1990 when rebels defeated then-President Hissene Habré. He was later convicted of human rights abuses in an international court in Senegal.

Over the years, Debbie has survived numerous armed rebellions and has been able to maintain power until this latest rebellion led by Chad’s change and the Concord front.

Rebels are believed to have been armed and trained in neighboring Libya before moving to northern Chad on April 11. Their arrival was boycotted on the same day that President Chad sought a sixth term in the election.


Larson reported from Dakar, Senegal. Associated Press writer Sam Mednick in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Cara Anna in Nairobi, Kenya. And Sylvie Corbet from Paris contributed.

Killed on the battlefield after President Chad wins reelection – NBC4 Washington

Source link Killed on the battlefield after President Chad wins reelection – NBC4 Washington

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