Knicks President Leon Rose is quiet about his thoughts, but a scenario that is likely to get another veteran

Knicks behaved like a team as he shuffled the NBA Draft Thursday night, traded off the 19th pick, shifted back from 21 to 25, and backtracked in the second round to win an additional selection. did not. Early stage of reconstruction.

Efforts to move up were made and rejected, so if Knicks is still building youthful pieces around their base, they go ahead and make those picks at 19 and 21 and You may have tried to fill in the holes and focus on development. But they didn’t.

So what’s the precursor to Monday when the NBA opens up the free agent market? The strategy exhibited on Thursday may indicate that it is time to take the next big step.

Since joining as Team President in March 2020, Leon Rose has taken a patient approach, sticking to the flexibility of the team’s caps, accumulating draft topics and adding them to the inherited stock (Knicks). There are still 6 first round picks and 9 second round picks-the next four draft Rounders (if Charlotte’s future picks are won when Rose sends the 19th pick) , Shifts to the first of five and 11 seconds) will eventually be converted to a second pair of Rounders).

But after the 41-31 season, Knicks, a coach who values ​​all regular season matches as much as the 4th seed of the Eastern Conference, the playoff berth after 7 seasons, and the 7th round of the NBA Finals, doesn’t take a step. I want to retreat. This task will undoubtedly be more difficult than this season, as some teams were wiped out last season due to injuries and the absence of COVID-19. Knicks need to get better in order to maintain their momentum.

It takes us on Monday. Rose and his right-hand man, William Wesley, have shifted the relationship of Knicks leaders between stars from agents to executives as an important part of their resume. In his predecessor, who ran the basketball division of the creative artist agency, Rose represented Chris Paul and Kyle Lowry. These are two free agent awards that are possible when the market opens.

Do you think Tom Thibodeau will enter the season with a roster that now has Immanuel Quickley, Luis Vildoza and Miles McBride as starting point guard options after surpassing expectations and winning the Coach of the Year? ?? Or do you think Rose did it with a pretty good idea that when he bid for time on Thursday, he might be able to land Paul, Lawrie, Lonzo Ball, or Collin Sexton?

Paul has a $ 44 million option next season, but he opts out at age 36 and wants a low-priced deal next season, but think of it as a long-term package. It concludes with three years and $ 90 million. His Hall of Fame career. Raleigh is an unlimited free agent.

Russell Westbrook’s trade to the Los Angeles Lakers removes one veteran candidate from the mix. Especially in the case of Paul, it will only be chased by Sands and Knicks. Raleigh hasn’t completely cut off his relationship with Toronto, his numbers could one day hang on the rafters, and Paul’s list of suitors, including New Orleans, Miami, and Philadelphia, could be much wider. ..

However, Knicks can spend more money than any other team (slightly helped by giving out the 19th place pick this year). They have a handful of cheap roster assets. Last year’s rookie Obadiah Toppin and Quickly, Mitchell Robinson and Kevin Knox, and four players drafted Thursday.

It wasn’t Rose’s problem or responsibility, but the winnings of the Cristapspor Genghis contract, which once wanted to be a lottery pick from Dallas, became the 21st pick on Thursday ( With the first round of 2023). Rose exchanged his 21st pick for the 25th spot, where Knicks won the second round pick of Grimes and Detroit in 2024. This is not the reward of the deal Rose wants to know.

Rose and his front office locked down without comment before and after the move. Even rival executives admit that it’s hard to read what the team is planning. But even without a public declaration, if he was brought here with the willingness to build slowly, it’s clear that last season changed it all. Knicks wants to win now, and it won’t be easy. Julius Randle and RJ Barrett need another veteran to help carry their luggage, despite improvements last season. That’s the job that starts for Rose on Monday.