Kobelco Construction Machinery & Leica Geo-systems

During the 3rd quarter of 2020, Kobelco Construction Machinery announced their newly established partnership Leica Geo-systems (Affiliate of Hexagon). The global leader in autonomous solutions are at the edge of the latest technological advances made in integrated 2D/ 3D machine control solutions for remote operations under the K-DIVE CONCEPT. Kobelco’s construction machinery development teams have been working covertly on the K-DIVE CONCEPT which involves the manipulation of a cab cockpit with displays panels of the jobsite being presented to an operator at a facility from which operators are able to control these excavators without actually having to be present at the actual jobsite physically. The entire initiative is focused on enhancing efficiency and safety which in turn automatically increases productivity. The digitalization of heavy construction machines is in line with the trend that the industry is currently going through as most manufacturers, especially within the scope of excavator hire services. The bigger industry players such as Bobcat, Caterpillar, Kubota, Komatsu and others are all in the midst of are rapidly developing their own various systems and functions similar to that of what KCM and Leica Geo-systems in order to remain relevant to construction industry of the future. These collaborations according a spokesperson from Komatsu is necessary as it helps facilitate the establishment of remote operation of excavators to be implemented faster. For instance, the current relationship between these two companies will take advantage of Leica Geo-systems experience within this sector and fuse it with the existing internal knowledge or know-how associated with the K-DIVE CONCEPT’s next-gen Telework System of remote operations for excavator operators.

Collaboration towards the development of remotely operated excavators

The K-DIVE CONCEPT will typically allow different types of excavator operators to work effectively and efficiently and out of harm’s way due to them having access to just about any jobsite without having to face geographical restrictions. The remote system not only allows contractors to keep track of progress on jobsites virtually, but they will also make room for virtual training initiatives for operators without risking accidents which spills over towards cost savings. Kobelco is driven by ambition according to the CEO and the R & D team’s K-DIVE CONCEPT attests to that commitment, the company’s long and arduous towards searching for technology to achieve this was on part of it, the application of the tech is an entirely different ballgame. Yoichiro Yamazaki, who is the General Manager, Business Development Department, Corporate Planning Division for Kobelco, Japan quoted that “Kobelco is excited to work with Leica Geo-systems and pointed out that their IoT in particular revolutionizes the safety existing requirements and productivity of projects every step of the way”. Choosing Leica Geo-Systems is certainly held as a strategic partnership towards establishing autonomous construction sites according to Magnus Thibblin who represents Leica Geo-systems Machine Control faction. He also made it evident that working with Kobelco fulfills the company’s ambition to be a leader within the scope of the technological elements that are directly linked to the construction industry which as far as Leica Geo-Sys is concerned, is a critical success factor.

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