Koi Tom Thibodeau launches Derrick Rose, Taj Gibson in Game 3 of the Knicks vs. Hawks

Atlanta-Tom Thibodeau was asked about starting lineups during a pre-match media session. Insert longtime partners Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson to see if you do what you finally did in the second half of Game 2.

And Tibodo, who had a straight face, said, “Yeah, I haven’t decided yet.”

If you knew Tibodo’s meticulous preparation, you could have acknowledged his taste if he stuck to Elfrid Payton, who started throughout the season and through the first two post-season games. And if he said he decided to rely on the most credible lieutenant in the midst of an evenly matched playoff series, you would have understood.

But when he said he didn’t know, you couldn’t believe Tibodo, who didn’t leave him spinning the stone. Tibodo was fighting for Rose and Gibson on the roster, but at an uncertain time he did what he knew as inexperienced Knicks tested the post-season waters for the first time.

Tibodo didn’t name the lineup just 30 minutes before the match, but he provided real clues, saying his decision was based on “what gives us the best chance to win.” Did.

And that meant Rose and Gibson.

Knicks cut Peyton’s minute game game by game, started him and then reinserted it into the starting lineup later in the game, and didn’t reinsert him after he was sub-out with shorter and shorter spurts. But on Wednesday, Knicks dragged in half-time at 13, and Rose was in good shape, so Tibodo put Rose and Gibson in the starting lineup for the third quarter. Even Julius Randle struggled to shape, and Rose was the most consistent player for Knicks so far.

Asked what Rose offered in these games, Tibodo praised the veterans who played with him in three different cities. A smarter, yet surprisingly athletic version.

“That’s not the case,” said Tibodo. “He gives you an extra dimension, but you have to see how things are combined and what it does. Julius is no longer tracked in the second half. We are all The game tells you what to do. When the derrick is trapped, he quickly removes the ball and he can play behind the scenes. Therefore, the team overloads a particular player. Whenever you’re playing, the player can quickly remove and move the ball and take great shots. Derrick’s experience tells you what the game should do as you read the game. Then surround Julius with a shot. That’s also a factor. “

Gibson, who was with Rose and Tibodo in Chicago, Minnesota, and now in New York, ignored the idea that Rose wasn’t as dangerous as it once was.

“Yes, if you want, you’ll have him gassed you,” Gibson said after Wednesday’s victory. “He’s just modest. He’s playing very well. But at the same time, he really cares for his body. When he’s in a familiar situation, when I’m in a situation I’m in. One thing about the derrick I noticed I understand that it’s a comfortable, family, good environment, a victorious environment, and a prosperity, and now he’s a familiar face he’s been fighting for a long time. I’m around.

“It’s no coincidence how he plays. His leadership role is now at a completely different level, just talking to the young guys, but in that third quarter I was shocked. I didn’t know what to expect. But Thibs tried to switch the lineup and give him a little more energy, but it worked …. We’re a real family here. We’re 15 people. I really believe in the guy, and no one spits out. Everyone understands everything it takes to win the game. We always celebrate together. We are real It’s a team, a real family.

Koi Tom Thibodeau launches Derrick Rose, Taj Gibson in Game 3 of the Knicks vs. Hawks

Source link Koi Tom Thibodeau launches Derrick Rose, Taj Gibson in Game 3 of the Knicks vs. Hawks

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