Kristen Bell’s Tips in Her Next Series Killer

Netflix A woman in a house across the street from a girl by the window teeth Murder mystery Unlike others. On the surface, it’s a dark comedy full of perfectly arranged hints. But at its core, the show goes beyond a satirical view of psychological thrillers. This is a beautifully directed series where you ask yourself, “What on earth did you see?” — And even the cast wasn’t prepared for the turmoil.

Inspired by the series AJ Finn’s 2018 novel Woman in the windowAnna’s story (Kristen Bell), A broken heart woman trying to paralyze the pain with pills and a generous glass of wine. Anna is involved in a horrific murder investigation as her charming bachelor father Neil (Tom Riley) moves with his daughter Emma (Samsara Yet) to a house across the street. .. What Anna doesn’t know is that her book-like and practical ex-husband, Douglas Whitaker (Michael Ealy), may have more to do with the mystery than she understands.

Stars Kristen Bell, Tom Riley and Michael Ealy talked to POPSUGAR before the January 28 series premiere about what happened behind the scenes and their amazing finale of the show. I introduced my thoughts. See what the cast is saying about the upcoming suspense series.

How was your reaction when you read the big twist of the finale?

“read [about the ending] It was a shock, “says Riley. “I shot all the episodes at once, so I knew when I started shooting how it ended, but after reading it, I didn’t see it coming. did.”

Were there any notable scenes that didn’t reach the final cut?

There was a flashback sequence to wedding Dance between me and the Kristen character. The version we shot was probably a five-minute choreography sequence between me and Kristen, using all sorts of dance moves and more, “says Erie.

What do you think will happen after that big cliffhanger at the finale?

“I have to call the writer before answering that. I don’t know,” says Bell. His personal detective skills include lip reading.Bell where executives produce the series together Will FerrellJessica Elbaum and Britney Seagull, her character solves the big mystery of the finale “within the first five minutes of Episode 1 and then goes into another mystery as the murder chases my character.” He adds that he wants to do that.

What was the most interesting scene to shoot?

“I had two interesting scenes,” says Bell. “They were together [Ealy and Riley], And they were both trying to be very romantic in difficult-to-complete dialogues and too silly situations. The [first] The scene was with Michael. Michael said we were outside and he brought me Red Vine. There was a moment when we lost each other’s eyes and it was broken by the bark of this dog. And there is a scene where Tom is trying to clean my casserole dish. Then we had to make a touching hand to make the flame. It was very difficult in both scenes. These guys are really great, but they are also really funny and stupid, [so] It was hard to get over both. “

What is one clue to the audience to help debate the murderer?

Bell: No one has a way to understand who the murderer is.It was [easier to predict] upon Good place Being in hell rather than predicting this murderer. I think all I can say is that everyone is a suspect.

Ely: I don’t know if there are any clues that really sell. You really need to watch over everyone carefully because it’s not the person you think.

Riley: I don’t want to give you a clue. I hope people have no idea, are completely fresh, and are open to the possibilities of anyone. Because it can be anyone. Maybe multiple people.

Bell: Maybe it’s not anyone.

Kristen Bell’s Tips in Her Next Series Killer

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