Kyle Rittenhouse wants to return the gun used in Kenosha to “destroy” it

by @apnews, #KyleRittehouse He submitted documents to return to him his belongings, including the AR-15 used in Kenosha’s deadly shooting.

“The weapon doesn’t belong to the mantle. It doesn’t belong to the museum,” said a spokesman for the Rittenhaus family. “It belongs where Kyle wants it, and Kyle wants to destroy it.”

as you know, Kyle Rittenhouse Two protesters were shot dead in Kenosha, Wisconsin, acquitted of all charges. He was protesting Jacob Blake’s beating by a local police officer in August 2020. At the time of the shooting, Rittenhaus claimed self-defense.

18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse was officially declared despite being charged with two counts of one intentional murder and four other charges. Not guilty in all respects Two people shot dead in Kenosha, Wisconsin. When the 12 jury trial chiefs read the verdict in court, Rittenhaus became overly emotional and began to cry. He also fell into a chair and expressed his emotions before accepting lawyer Corey Chirafisi.

In response to the ruling, President Biden said: I have fulfilled my promise to unite Americans. Because we believe that what unites us is much greater than what divides us. We know we’re not going to heal the wounds of the country overnight, but we’ll do our best to ensure that all Americans are treated fairly and dignifiedly under the law. Sticking to my commitment.

I urge everyone to express their opinions peacefully in line with the rule of law. Violence and property destruction are not in our democracy. The White House and federal authorities are in contact with Governor Evers’ office to prepare for the consequences of the incident, and I will meet with Governor this afternoon to provide the support and support needed to ensure public safety. Provided. “

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Kyle Rittenhouse wants to return the gun used in Kenosha to “destroy” it

Source link Kyle Rittenhouse wants to return the gun used in Kenosha to “destroy” it

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