Labyrinth’s “I’m Tired” From “Euphoria”: Lyrics and Meaning

Season 2 “Euphoria” If you can believe it, it’s even more intense and anxious than in the first season.and it is Matching soundtrack.. labyrinth, The great composer behind Season 1’s popular songs “Still Don’t Know My Name” and “All For Us” is back in Season 2. Singer-songwriters increase the intensity of the show with scores that make each episode feel the weight of the subject, and the latest episodes are no exception.

During a powerful scene that emphasizes the swirling nature of Lou’s substance abuse, labyrinth “You can see him singing his latest song composed forEuphoria“In a church full of people, fans (including me) have been wanting to listen to songs repeatedly since then. That’s very good.

What happened in “Euphoria” Season 2, Episode 4, and which song was Labyrinth singing at the end?

The latest episode of “Euphoria”, “Thinking about you who can’t see, who can do it,” greatly excited the audience. Just as I thought things wouldn’t be more complicated, painful and annoying, this episode came and amplified my stakes to a whole new degree. Kathy’s obsession with Nate Is the best ever, and when he rekindles his relationship with Maddy (which can be as toxic as possible), she falls into deep depression. Cal Drunk and confess his secret to his family. Jules and Elliott Approach and hook up while Lou’s substance abuse continues to consume her.

Towards the end of the episode, after the battle with Jules, already high Lou dips in a suitcase of medicine for sale and takes multiple pills. After this, Lou walks tired of a church surrounded by people such as Jules and Elliott, hugs the choir leader (Labyrinth), and passionately sings, “I’m tired.”While hugging him in her, Lou said she was her Embrace her father, And she apologizes for her misconduct. The reunion of Church and Lou’s father, coupled with the amount of medication she took, hints at her potential overdose, but the results are unknown until the next episode.

What are the lyrics of Labyrinth’s “I’m Tired”?

The lyrics of “I’m Tired” correlate with Rue and her journey to substance abuse disorders, and she’s eventually fed up. In the scene, Labyrinth said, “Lord, I know I’m fighting. I’m sure this world is over with me. Lord, you know it’s true. I know. To win. Take me. I’m on the way. How long can I stay in a place that can’t accommodate me? “

The whole song lyrics go,

Lord, you know I’m tired
Lord, you know I’m tired
Hey Lord, you know I’m sick of tears
Hey Lord, let me go

Hey Lord, you know I’m fighting
Hey Lord, you know I’m fighting
I’m sure this world is going on with me
Hey Lord, you know it’s true

The tide is flowing now
I don’t want to win
Take me, take me
On the way
How long can you stay?
In a place that can’t accommodate me

Lord, you know I’m tired
Lord, you know I’m tired

Glasgow, Scotland-November 9: (Exclusive coverage) Labrins will attend MTV EMA 2014 at The Hydro at The Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland on November 9, 2014. (Photo courtesy of Dave Hogan / MTV 2014 / Getty Images for MTV)Image Source: Getty / Dave Hogan / MTV 2014

How to listen to labyrinth’s “tired” from “euphoria”

Labrinth released “I’m Tired” on February 4th in 2 minutes and 38 seconds. Before the release of the “Euphoria” Season 2 soundtrack, it was possible to stream songs on all major platforms.

When will the “Euphoria” Season 2 soundtrack be released?

Given that the first season soundtrack was released two months after the season finale, the season 2 soundtrack is expected to be released in March or early April. The Season 2 finale will air on February 27, 2022, so expect the soundtrack to be released by early spring.

See “Euphoria” Sunday 9 pm ET, HBO and HBO Max.

Labyrinth’s “I’m Tired” From “Euphoria”: Lyrics and Meaning

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