Large-box retailers are closed on Thursdays and shoppers are at home

Lee County

Lee County

At this Thanksgiving, several major retail chains remained closed. Therefore, many shoppers were also at home. WINK News reporter Emma Heaton trekked through Lee County, but didn’t see the same lines normally seen before Black Friday’s crazy dash.

Four people lined up at Page Field’s Best Buy on Cleveland Avenue in Fort Myers on Thursday night. However, in general, by 10 pm, the line extends across the sidewalk.

Many believe that times have changed, and now that people can buy online, they are avoiding the crowd at all costs.

Southwest Florida went to a ghost town just hours before Black Friday went on sale from a long line waiting to set foot in the store a few years ago.

Ralph Kausalano lives in Fort Myers. “Online sales … that’s what I do. Rather, I want to go to the store,” Kausalano said.

Causarano admits that online shopping is easier. So, like Target and Big Lots for Black Friday, he believes people no longer have to wait outside the big box stores. “It’s just easy, and you get it home, and you’ll have to worry about being trampled, haha,” Kausalano said.

Natasha Kesoglou lives in Cape Coral. “Usually it’s a very long line, and as I said, things have changed dramatically,” Kesoglou said.

She blames Pandemic’s lack of Lien. Kesoglou believes that it will be difficult for the world to return to normal and hopes it will change. “As I said, it’s very sad because they killed everything, and it needs to leave. We need to make a fresh start. Let’s get back to fun shopping,” she said. Told.

She knows this won’t happen overnight, but at least she wants the Black Friday rush to come back. “For the past few years, Black Friday shopping has been great,” Kesolgou said.

Best Buy at Pagefield Commons will open at 5am on Friday. More people will appear overnight to get some great gifts.

Collier County

Similarly, in Collier County, no one was capped outside the North Naples target. Lines usually start forming on Thursday afternoon, but not tonight.

This year, like last year, Target isn’t open until Black Friday. Many stores have decided to close on Thanks for the Memories. This started during the pandemic.

Customers and employees liked the change in 2020, so major retailers such as Target decided to keep it closed.

There are limited options for those looking to save on Glacer’s Day Early Bird Specials. But this doesn’t mean people miss this weekend’s holiday sale. According to a National Retail Federation survey, there are more holiday shoppers on this Thanksgiving weekend than last year.

More than 158 million people will be on the shelves this weekend. The target will open at 7am on Black Friday.

Large-box retailers are closed on Thursdays and shoppers are at home

Source link Large-box retailers are closed on Thursdays and shoppers are at home

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