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Washington – Follow real-time field updates 2022 US Midterm Elections From Associated Press.Live Updates — Always Eastern — is Ashraf Khalil, Annie Ma, Armor Madani, Chris Megelian, Marika Sen and AP journalists across the country.


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how did you get the AP? racially charged workAP’s Meg Kinnaird explains that they didn’t want to wait weeks to find out who won the election, but there was no centralized body to tally the votes. The AP said he started counting votes in the 1848 election, getting feeds and data from official state websites and the thousands of stringers and vote centers who electronically count votes nationwide. Created an operation that evolved into a network of clerks.


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Millions of people have already turned in their ballots, and millions more will head out to vote on dig deeper What’s Happening in These Midterm ElectionsCongressional Correspondent Mary Claire Jaronic, details what would happen if the House were toppled, among other scenarios.


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In-person voting begins — by 1 p.m., polling places will be open in all 50 states (Hawaii is five hours behind the East Coast). Amid concerns about harassment of election officials and confusion at polling stations and tallying stations, Election officials say ready to deal potential problem. AP’s Christina A. Cassidy and Geoff Mulvihill report that voters should not be deterred, and no major problems have been reported during the early voting period.


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What are Americans voting for? What is at stake? If you want a general primer on 2022 midterm electionsAP’s Mike Catalini has you covered A basic overview of what the poll is abouthow counting works, how long this takes and what the possible results mean.


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Election day is over.With polls set to begin nationwide within hours, you can find a guide to what to expect in each state 2022 Election Predictions hub.

This year is not the year of the president, but it is an important election anyway. The AP’s chief political writer, Steve Peoples, said: Highlight 6 key things to watch today. Among them: Is the expected red wave a ripple or a tsunami? What impact will the Supreme Court ruling nullifying Roe v. Wade have? And what will we know before we go to sleep tonight?

The answer to the last question is still unknown.there are a few Races where AP can call as soon as voting ends, As Mike Catalini explains, it may take longer to identify other winners. Christina A. Cassidy Factors that delay results.


Follow AP’s coverage of the 2022 midterm elections. check out You can learn more about the issues and factors in the midterm elections.

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