Laundry family lawyer talks about recovering Brian’s remains


The five-week search ends after the body found in the Carlton Reserve has been identified as 23-year-old Brian Laundrie.

The quest for an answer as to how Laundry died has just begun.

It also determines how long he was in the Carlton Reserve before his body was discovered.

Laundry has been missing since September 13, when his parents said they had left to go hiking in a 25,000-acre natural park in Sarasota County.

He is interested in the murder of his fiancé, 22-year-old Gabby Petito, and wants to use her bank card after her death. He and Petite went on a cross-country trip to visit a national park in a modified camper van.

Laundry returned to her home in Northport on September 1 without her, but they shared in the van. Petite’s body was found on September 19 in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

Many people across the country want to know what the answer to Laundry’s parents is.

After the Carlton Reserve was open to the public, it was Chris and Roberta Laundry who went to the Carlton Reserve and found the first piece of evidence that their son was there.

The park was closed for several weeks while law enforcement was conducting a grid search in the area.

Now his bone analysis can provide him with insight into what happened.

But that can take weeks.

Laundry lawyer Stephen Bertolino wants people to stop guessing about the cause of Laundry’s death and wait for official news from experts.

In an interview with NBC News Top Story On Thursday, Bertolino said he had a lot of Chris and Roberta.

He was upset when Laundry left home, but his parents didn’t know he would disappear, he told them.

Bertolino said Chris Laundry wished his son could be stopped from leaving.

“Chris told me several times what you knew, he wanted to keep him, but he couldn’t stop them,” Bertolino told NBC. I did. “This has been a painful story for them since September 13. It was a long distance. Brian is a grown-up man, a young man … he wanted to get out of the door. He has the right to get out of the door. had.”

They remain silent under the advice of a lawyer, but a few weeks ago they were discussing a possible criminal accusation with the FBI.

“When asked, and when there was communication between me and the FBI, I think I found that the accusation wasn’t appropriate,” Bertolino told the NBC. “There was no threat. There was no recursion. There was no transaction reduction.”

Laundry is trying to handle the news of his son’s death, Bertrio said. They want privacy, but the circus outside the house makes their sorrow more difficult.

Laundry family lawyer talks about recovering Brian’s remains

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