Laundry family plagued by protesters with signs and megaphones outside Florida homes

Brian LaundryFamily protesters outside the house for more than a day before reporting that he was missing, including a man yelling at a megaphone from the street hours before police arrived to make a statement I was under pressure from.

23-year-old Laundrie has been nominated as a person interested in the disappearance of her girlfriend. Gabby Petit – Then he himself disappeared. His family reported that he had gone missing to police in the town of Northport. Florida On Friday, they said they hadn’t seen him since he left home on Tuesday (September 14th).

They were already plagued by protesters who began appearing on signs and chanting Thursday, demanding to know the whereabouts of their son’s missing girlfriend. On Friday, a man named Jonathan Riches advised the laundry to “stop hiding and accept responsibility” through a megaphone.

“Laundry Family: You need to talk to an investigator. On Friday afternoon, Riches spoke to Brian Laundry and his parents before it became clear that the 23-year-old child couldn’t be found anywhere.

“Help them take her home,” said Riches, wearing a MAGA hat, completely red-covered, and claiming to be friends with Petito’s family members. I did. “Stop spoiling your son and making it possible.”

Police officers arrived to talk to their families in the evening, and the Northport Police Department tweeted at 7:09 pm local time that police officers were “currently talking to the Laundry family at their request.” I’m not talking to Brian at this time. “

The streets remained full of journalists reporting on the ongoing story, so a crowd of protesters gathered again outside Laundry’s house while police officers were inside.

It was later revealed that the family had told police that his son had disappeared. Five local agencies continue to look for him, but he’s worried he could survive for months in Florida’s vast natural landscape. It is not yet known if he is armed.

Police confirmed that Mr. Laundry’s search was for the missing person and that he was not desired in connection with the crime.

He and Petite, who grew up on Long Island, embarked on a cross-country road trip in July and their “Van-life ”is published on YouTube, and on the surface it aims to reach Oregon by Halloween.

There was an argument last month in Moab, Utah that they justified police intervention but did not prosecute. At that time, police officers determined that 22-year-old Petit was the invader.

She was last seen in Wyoming, where authorities continue to search. Her boyfriend, who vaned back to her parents’ home in Florida, refused to be interviewed by the police from the beginning.

Police said the first talks with the Laundry family had taken place this weekend when they contacted the department to report the missing son.

Laundry family plagued by protesters with signs and megaphones outside Florida homes

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