Lawmakers say the COVID-19 bailout bill does not provide a $ 1,200 check – NBC4 Washington

When time runs out, Congressmen approach the proposed COVID-19 bailout bill and offer about $ 300 as a weekly unemployment allowance for the federal government, but offer $ 1,200 in direct payment to most Americans. Biden wrestles with the new parliament next year, leaving the matter to the next president.

The $ 908 billion aid package, released on Monday, will be attached to the larger year-end spending bill needed to avoid a government shutdown this weekend.

Cash payments were popular when first distributed after the pandemic occurred, and Friday’s Biden expressed hope that a second wave might come after weekend negotiations.

However, Senators who attended the talks said checks were not part of the compromise, even if Senator Bernie Sanders, Vermont General Assembly and others said they could oppose the bill. It was.

Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, second-ranked Democrat, puts a tight limit on the final price of the bill by excluding checks while guaranteeing small business and lessee assistance. Said that it was the only way to reach an agreement.

“With a $ 1,200 check, we believe it will cost $ 300 billion nationwide to come up with an idea,” he said. “Democrats have always wanted more numbers, but were told they couldn’t get anything through the Republicans except for this $ 900 billion level.”

A group of Republican and Democratic senators is working on less than half of the Democratic $ 2.2 trillion push, a $ 500 billion “target” proposed by Senate leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. It’s almost twice the size of the package.

Senator Bill Cassidy, R-La. Agreed that the new round of direct checks “may succeed” at some point. “This is a bailout bill, not a stimulus bill,” he said. “And that’s something for the next three to four months to help those in need most.”

Both he and Durbin said McConnell was interested in bipartisan efforts, and Cassidy said he hoped President Donald Trump would accept it as well.

The proposal is expected to include a federal unemployment bonus of approximately $ 300 per week, just as emergency relief payments at normal benefit levels are set to expire at the end of the year. Provide relief. It will prolong the freeze on evictions for those who cannot afford to rent and re-approve the Paycheck Protection Program to subsidize companies suffering from pandemics in the second round.

Still, potential problems remain.

Rep. Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (DN.Y.) said last week that they would not support the $ 908 billion proposal without family checks, and Republican Senator Josh Hawley joined. Sanders and Ocasio Cortez also oppose protecting companies from a Republican-promoted clause claiming negligence in the occurrence of COVID-19.

While supporting the $ 1,200 check, Biden said a new compromise was “immediately needed” and additional support could follow later.

On Sunday, lawmakers involved in the negotiations said direct payments would have to wait until Biden was launched on January 20. At that time, Biden will face a new parliament as the vaccine is being distributed. If the Democratic Party can win the two final votes in Georgia on January 5, the tightly divided Senate will potentially be divided into 50-50.

Senator Mark Warner (D-Va.) Said Sanders was not involved in the negotiations and “his characteristics are not accurate” regarding the potential protection of corporate liability. He said direct payments would be Biden’s job.

Senator Joe Manchin, DW.Va. Said the bipartisan group was focused on extending the most urgent aid for the next four months.

“All the signs show that we need more money. We see it,” he said. “This basically allows us to get through the lifelines people need and the small businesses that survive and don’t go down.”

“We can come up with another proposal to move us further for further recovery,” Manchin said when Biden’s team was in power.

Durbin was interviewed on ABC’s “This Week”, Cassidy on “Fox News Sunday”, Warner on CNN’s “Program State”, and Manchin on NBC’s “Meet the Press”.

Lawmakers say the COVID-19 bailout bill does not provide a $ 1,200 check – NBC4 Washington

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