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TAMPA — Ace Hardware Corp. has fired 181 employees at Tampa’s retail support center as it prepares to move to Plant City later this year.

The temporary dismissal will take effect on February 5, according to the filings required by the federal government to meet the requirements of the Worker Coordination Retraining and Notification (WARN) Act.

In a letter to Tampa Mayor Jane Castor and the state, the company’s national talent director, Jamie Bonin, states that the 1220 US301 Tampa Center will be completely closed that day or around. Opened in 1977, the center serves approximately 200 stores in the region.

The company said 119 Tampa employees had agreed to relocate when it announced last year that a new retail support center would be built in Plant City. According to the letter, the first group of employees will begin moving to the Plant City facility on December 15.

The company announced last year that the facility would employ 162 people.

In a letter, Bronin states that he will provide “provisional” employees who have lost their jobs at the Tampa Center with “equivalent opportunities” in new locations.

It is unclear whether employees hired “provisionally” will have the opportunity to gain permanent status. Bronin did not respond to an email asking for clarification.

Ace Hardware announced last year that it would build a 715,000-square-foot center on County Line Road. The company said at the time that it needed larger facilities to meet greater demand. The Tampa Support Center is approximately 400,000 square feet.

Layoff ahead of support center relocation | Business Observer

Source link Layoff ahead of support center relocation | Business Observer

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