Lebron chooses the Warriors as the NBA Playoffs team he plays

Lebron James You have won all the destinations you have traveled on your Hall of Fame journey.

Prosperity seemed to follow James as thunder lightning, and he was the catalyst for almost everything in it. So when James was asked which playoff team he wanted to play the most, it was not surprising that he heard the name of the team that gave him the easiest workload.

“It will happen Golden stateJames said in response to a question posed by his longtime friend Maverick Carter in the next episode of HBO’s “The Shop.”

“I want to participate in a pee game Draymond [Green].. Someone loves to curse me. “

The relationship between Green and James is known for its fiery nature on the court, and many fans vividly remember the series of spats that led to the interruption of one game on Green in 2016. NBA final.

However, the pair shares a doting relationship built by respecting each other’s resumes, and this year James sent a friendly “lucky” message to fellow clutch sports clients ahead of the post-season match. Sent.

“My brother, my G!” James wrote in an Instagram story, “I love you! Good luck in the postseason! It’s coming soon!” In response to James’ love, Green reposted the salute to his own story.

Green and James took a vacation together in Cabo during this year’s All-Star Break. During this period, Green himself was amazed by James’ relentless work ethic, even in the climate of Paradisia, Mexico.

“It’s insane that Revlon continues to produce at the level of the NBA’s 19th season,” Green said in a post-travel podcast.

“It’s funny because we were in Cabo for an All-Star Break a few weeks ago. I stepped into Bron’s crib, and he’s using this current-type machine in his quad. “Stop it,” he said, “Man, I have to do it. I have to do the quad that I know I have this problem with.” So I was like, “Hey, you never stop. There’s always something about your body and the game. It’s amazing to me.”

Given all this Shannon Sharpe It was not surprising that James mentioned his desire to play with the Warriors. But he commented that his choice was to play with the Warriors’ main star rather than the Green.

“This is about playing more Stephen Curry.. In the last two All-Star games, Lebron drafted Steph. ” “Everyone admits”

“In the 2022 All-Star Game, Steph scored 50 points in 16 3 seconds, and Lebron saw how easy it was to show him. Now you have Steph. Imagine being there. When Clay [Thompson]??look Cleveland.. He had Channing Frye, JR Smith, Kyle Korver and Iman Shumpert.You see Miami.. He had Ray Allen, Mike Miller, Mario Chalmers and Shane Battier. Now he can go downhill without having to build a wall to keep him away from the lane. “

Sharp further questioned James’ desire for a challenging presence in the locker room.

“I don’t know if LeBron James had a player like Draymond who came to him,” he said.

“He says that’s what he wants, but if you’ve never experienced it, you probably can’t expect him to be cool with it in the 19th year. Bruce Arians When I was harshly criticizing Tom brady, He didn’t accept it. I still believe it’s about Steph. He didn’t mention Draymond when they asked him a few months ago. Can you imagine? Revlon will average 16-17 assists. “

LeBron James prefers to play with the Warriors over the Celtics

Released in the latest episode of The Shop, LeBron James talked about his preference for playing against the Golden State rather than his NBA Finals opponent, the Boston Celtics.

James’s fictional wishes are unlikely to come true, but if they do, the already legendary dynasty of the Golden State could reach GOAT status very well.

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Lebron chooses the Warriors as the NBA Playoffs team he plays

Source link Lebron chooses the Warriors as the NBA Playoffs team he plays

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