Lee County School Preparings to Enforce Maskman Dates On Campus

Lee County

Mask’s obligation that furious parents are set to take effect at schools in Lee County’s school district on Wednesday.

On Monday, dozens of people attended a meeting of the Lee County Board of Education and shouted Ken Savage, the interim supervisor who issued the order. Some people were kicked out of the meeting and others fought each other.

A district spokesman said on Tuesday that there was a certain level of enforcement expected to take effect. First, school staff will provide masks to students who are not wearing masks. If the student refuses to wear it, the staff will bring his or her parents. If that doesn’t work, the school district will discipline students in ways that haven’t been decided yet.

Parents have no choice, schools in Lee County require all students to wear masks on the bus and in class. Some parents say their children disobey orders.

“To be honest with those who really don’t want to obey, at least tomorrow, then leave your child at home, as you know,” said board member Gwin Gittens.

Gittens has been calling continuously since Savage imposed a mask obligation, with parents vowing that their children would not wear masks. She is worried about the staff who have to enforce the rules.

“We need managers and teachers, not the police. They are not the police,” Gittens said. “We have to be very, very, very careful about putting something on people’s dishes.”

You are not allowed to yell at the teacher. At this time, the only way available to get out of the mask warning is for the doctor to write a note that the district can see.

Kevin Dailey, president of the Lee County Teachers Association, said on Tuesday that no one in Lee County’s school shared a full enforcement plan with him, but he said the district plan would protect teachers and school staff. I want it.

“This problem can become unstable relatively quickly. The last thing I want is the staff, or, as you know, in a position to intimidate or scream. “Daly said.

Lee County School Preparings to Enforce Maskman Dates On Campus

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