Lewis Hamilton expressed fears about his chances of winning again before ending his victory drought

Lewis Hamilton recently admitted to grappling with doubts about his future victories and battling mental health issues during a challenging period of over two years without a Formula One win. His victory drought finally ended at the British Grand Prix, where he clinched a thrilling race at Silverstone, marking his first win since Saudi Arabia in 2021. This victory came amidst struggles for his Mercedes team, who faced difficulties in competing at the top.

After crossing the finish line, the 39-year-old was visibly emotional, shedding tears as the significance of his achievement sank in. Reflecting on his journey, the seven-time world champion shared the hardships he had faced, both personally and as part of the team’s journey. He spoke candidly about the mental challenges he endured, acknowledging moments where he questioned whether he would ever win again.

“In the face of adversity we’ve faced as a team, and personally what I’ve experienced, those challenges… to get up every day and give your best shot, there are times when you feel your best isn’t enough,” Hamilton revealed. “I’ve experienced those disappointments, and mental health is such a serious issue. There were moments where I thought it might never happen again.”

The victory at Silverstone was a culmination of strategic brilliance and sheer determination, earning praise from Mercedes and resulting in a deeply emotional response from Hamilton. “I’ve never cried after a win before,” he admitted. “It just overwhelmed me. I’m incredibly grateful for this feeling.”

Hamilton also discussed the impact of the controversial decision at the Abu Dhabi GP in 2021, where a human error cost him his eighth title. He acknowledged that recovering from that setback had been a prolonged process, affecting his mental state over subsequent seasons. Despite these challenges, Hamilton expressed gratitude for his recent triumph and continues to focus on personal growth and finding inner peace day by day.

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