LGBTQ advocates condemning possible changes in treatment for gender discomfort

Tallahassee, Florida — The Florida Department of Healthcare is ready to end the coverage of Gender Identity Treatment Medicaid soon this week.

AHCA is set to decide after the public comment window closes at 5 pm on Monday.

Officials said hundreds of people were involved in the controversial rule changes.

If approved, rule Eliminate adolescent inhibitors, hormone therapy, and sex reassignment surgery for medicinal coverage to combat gender identity.Florida will at least participate 9 other states Explicitly deny access to those treatments.

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As of Monday morning, AHCA received a total of about 1,200 public comments from opponents and supporters.

AHCA justifies the change, Recent reports There is “insufficient evidence” that treatment is safe and effective.

“Florida does not support the medicalization of minors by GD, because the benefits have not been proven and the risks are very high,” said General Joseph Ladapo of the Florida Public Health Department. I’m tweeting.

Governor Ron DeSantis appointed Radapo also shared a clip of Chloe Cole, a fellow supporter of change.

The 17-year-old said she regrets her decision to start treatment at the age of 13.

“I don’t know if I can carry a child,” Cole said in a video clip. “I may be at high risk for certain cancers …. This wasn’t the way I should go.”

LGBTQ supporters are categorically opposed to possible changes.They are careful American Academy of Pediatrics Supports treatment and warns of changes May affect Over 9,000 transgender Florida people.

“The majority of medical professionals are fundamentally opposed to the state’s proposal,” said Carlos Guillermo Smith, MP of D-Winter Park.

Congressmen are strong supporters of LGBTQ and warn that more than 9,000 transgender Florida people will be affected by the rule change.

EW Scripps

Congressman Carlos Guillermo Smith explains why he opposes the possibility of ending the scope of Medicaid for the treatment of gender discomfort.

He said cutting off access to their treatment could have disastrous consequences.

“It’s not just about being mean to transgender people. Changing this rule can be life-threatening,” Smith said.

AHCA Secretary Simone MarstilerSelf-proclaimed Christian conservatives will have the final say on whether to adopt the new rules. As head of the authorities, officials said she would have as much time as she wished to make a decision. It could come soon or after a pile of public comments reviews.

Even with Marstiler’s expected approval, discussions about the change could spill over into court.

Lambda Legal He said he was preparing to challenge the constitutionality of the rule shortly after it was officially adopted.

LGBTQ advocates condemning possible changes in treatment for gender discomfort

Source link LGBTQ advocates condemning possible changes in treatment for gender discomfort

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