Life-changing lessons taught by Disney’s mother

If you are lucky, you are familiar with your mother’s love. No one in your life loves and cares for you like your mother.

She has been with you since the moment you were born and was probably by your side for most of your life-even during that stage of high school.

Our mother taught us a lot, and as we grow up, we are not always grateful for the guidance at that time, but we are in those lives. I understand how important a lesson really is.

This year, in addition to celebrating our mothers in our lives, we also pay tribute to the mothers we grew up with on the screen. We are talking with Disney’s mother about the lessons of life they have given us.

We do not cover children in towers, hire hunters to kill them, or mothers who violate child labor laws. It’s crazy, isn’t it?

Brave-2012 (Disney and Pixar)

“Brave” introduces a strong family relationship in which two beloved parents and their families prioritize each other. Merida can easily forget how much her parents care about her, especially if her mother is planning for the future. When Merida’s mother is helpless, and with her mercy, Merida realizes she needs her mother and appreciates everything her mother has done for her so far.


We are not always happy with all the decisions our parents make for us, but in the end we find that they make those decisions to help us.

Tarzan-1999 (Disney)

Human babies and gorilla mothers-becoming human among apes is not easy. From the moment Kara pulled Tarzan out of the crib, we knew she would be a great guardian. As Tarzan grows, he suffers from his appearance. He does not look like any other primate family. But his mother, Kara, never feels different from him.

When Tarzan decides to leave the jungle and live a human life, Kara upholds Tarzan’s decision and reminds him that his mother’s love never ends. Their hearts go with the children forever.

Dumbo-1941 (Disney)

There is no need to explain this scene again. However, nothing shows more mother’s love than Dumbo receives from her mother.


From the moment the stork saved him, she loved him with all her heart.

When bullied and teased for looking different, her mother continues to love him as she does now. We learned that no matter what we look like, our mother is always there for us.

“My baby, never break up, keep your head close to my heart.”

Pocahontas-1995 (Disney)

My grandmother, of course, grandmother Willow, who was worse than the bark biting, taught us to follow our path. She listens to Pocahontas and advises her to allow the spirit to guide her along her journey.

Even if we feel it is not the right path, we must learn to follow our spinning arrows and go where our minds are leading us.

Disney Princess and the Frog-2009

Yudra taught us that we have to work every day to make our dreams come true.

Eudora wanted Tiana to be a professional success, but had some fun in the process. She continued to push Tiana towards her dream of opening her own restaurant, emphasizing the importance of enjoying the trip.


The only way to make your dreams come true is to work really hard every day. That way, good things will surely come. You can’t just sit looking at the stars. The old star can only take you to a part of the road. You need to help it with some hard work of your own.

Lilo & Stitch-2002 (Disney)

Indeed, Nani is not a mother.

But she’s Lilo’s legal guardian, so it’s worth mentioning on this Mother’s Day. If you grew up with your siblings, you know the struggles that can sometimes come.

Recalling countless debates, he may have just closed his quarters and closed his doors.

Despite the trouble, we still find that we are doing something for our young or old half. Ohana means family and no one is left behind, so no matter what you experience, they are still Ohana. Or I forgot.

This story was first published in 2019. Then it was updated.

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Life-changing lessons taught by Disney’s mother

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